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From Barcelona to Menorca with your Car

Die Balearia Fähre Martin i Soler

After a great weekend in Barcelona, we continued our journey to Menorca. We wanted to explore the island by car to gather many tips for shore excursions and short trips for you. That’s why we took the ferry to cross the ocean. To get quickly to Menorca, we used the ferry service from Baleària. You can travel overnight from Barcelona to Ciutadella. It is also a great opportunity to travel for families, because kids can sleep at night.

Some important instructions and tips for a ferry trip with Baleària

Aussendeck auf der Fähre Martin i Soler von Balearia

There are some things which you should know bevor going on a trip with Baleària. Baleària is one of the companies that operate ferry services between the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands. From Barcelona you can travel to Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. There are also ferries that start in Valencia and Dénia. However, Barcelona is the only port from which you can travel to Menorca. The took the ferry Martin i Soler. The handling in the port was very convenient The journey time flew by, because we could sleep overnight. However, we should mention that a ferry ride can be very uncomfortable if you hit stormy seas. We have some useful information and tips to make your ferry ride as easy and comfortable as possible.

Before Boarding:

  • The trip from Barcelona to Ciutadella in northwestern Menorca will take about 10 hours. Departure is in the evening at 10:30 pm.
  • The tickets for the trip can be booked online and printed. The proofs of purchase can otherwise be exchanged for a boarding passes in the harbor building in Barcelona.
  • If you travel with a car you need to arrive 90 minutes before departure at the port and have to enqueue in the assigned row.
  • Important: In most cases, only the driver can remain seated in the car. All other passengers will have to wait in the terminal building until they are allowed to walk on the ferry.
  • You don’t have to check in any baggage. The luggage is carried either on board or you leave it in the trunk of the car. However, can not enter the car while the ferry is on sea. You should carry valuable items with you.

Balearia Fähre bei Nacht

Ausfahrt von Barcelona bei Nacht

On board:

  • On board there is a small shop for gifts, cosmetics and newspapers as well as a restaurant and bar. In the restaurant you can buy a 3-course menu for 11.95 euros.

Restaurant auf der Fähre Martin i Soler

Menüauswahl auf der Balearia Fähre

Essen auf der Fähre von Balearia

  • There are also outside decks with tables and chairs and there is even a small pool. From here you can enjoy the wonderful view of the sea in the morning.

Aussendeck der Fähre Martin i Soler

Pool auf der Fähre von Balearia

  • You can book either comfortable seats or a cabin for up to four people to sleep comfortable at night.

Premiumsitze auf der Fähre von Balearia

  • In the cabin there are four beds, a small bathroom with a shower and a toilet and a small wardrobe. The cabins are big enough and well equipped.

Kabine auf der Martin i Soler

Betten in der Kabine von Balearia

Ausstattung der Kabine auf der Balearia

Bad in der Kabine von Balearia

  • If you hit stormy seas, it can be a bit uncomfortable to sleep in the top beds of the cabin. In the upper beds of the cabin you feel much stronger swings than in the lower beds. Otherwise the beds are comfortable and you can sleep well on them. In case you feel very sick, you better go down to sit on the seats.
  • You may only start the engine of the car when the boat ramps are open.

Arrival in Ciutadella

Ankunft in Ciutadella mit der Fähre

Ankunft auf Menorca mit der Balearia

The ferry by Baleària arrives early in the morning on Menorca. We had an incredibly stormy night behind us and unfortunately did not get a lot of sleep. Once ashore, we found out why it was so stormy at night. The Tramuntana raged again. Tramuntana are cold and gusty north winds that can sweep the whole year on the island. Sometimes the winds are calm and sometimes they are stronger. After our arrival, the ferry service was suspended for that day.

Finally ashore we were looking forward to discover the island. The weather forecast predicted three days of sunshine for us.

Thank you very much Baleària for for the trip from Barcelona to Menorca.

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