Der Schornstein vom dem Kreuzfahrtschiff Mein Schiff 4
My sun, my sea, (my ship) Mein Schiff 4 ?
6. January 2016
Kamel in Agadir auf dem Landausflug mit dem Mein Schiff 4
Panoramic tour in Agadir
11. January 2016

TOP 10 Activities on Seadays aboard Mein Schiff 4

Kaffee auf der Balkonkabine der Mein Schiff 4

On our first day at sea we wanted to explore the ship. We had a good Nespresso coffee and were curious to see what the Mein Schiff 4 has to offer. We had great weather (up to 25 degrees) and were full of anticipation. What is there to do on a long day at sea? Here are our top 10 activities (all workshops, movies and readings in German!) on seadays on the Mein Schiff 4:

  1. The blue balcony
    Right and left of the Außenalsterbar on deck 14 at the stern of the ship there are blue balconies. These balconies have a glass bottom for a direct view of the ocean beneath your feet. So you should not be afraid of heights. With max. 8 people at a time you can enjoy the ocean view and relax on the benches while listening to the sound of the waves.Mein Schiff 4 Blauer Balkon
  2. Sport offer
    On Deck 14 is also the Sports Deck. In addition to a jogging track here is also a big basketball court. On days with good weather spinning course is also outside. Truly unique is the 25 meter long swimming pool on Deck 12. Unfortunately, the water was very cold. There are also hot tubs and the great sauna (free) in the Spa & Meer area on Deck 11. In addition, sports courses were offered like Zumba or Pilates (both 90 min. for 19 euros) .Mein Schiff 4 Sport
  3. Look-out
    Walk up a few steps behind the basketball court on deck 14 . This is the atrium. Behind the pink sunglasses by Marc Moser go further some steps to the top. Here’s the lookout. On this small plattform you can finde the yellow penguin by Cracking Art and a telescope. From here you have a great view over the stern, over any islands or even the city in the harbor.Ausguck Mein Schiff 4
  4. Himmel und Meer lounge
    The Himmel und Meer (sky and ocean) lounge was our favorite lounge. It is on deck 12 at the bow behind the spa, so you have to walk past the Spa & Meer area. Here are several small sitting areas and large couches right in front of the panoramic windows. There you can relax and read a book. It is very quiet. In this lounge you could also get free lassis and smoothies (also lactose free and with soy). Delicious!Lounge Mein Schiff 4
  5. Creative courses
    During the trip, every day you could participate in a drawing and painting course, mostly twice a day. For example, there was a painting course on deck 4 in the studio for 39 euros per person with instructions of the board painter. Coming back cost 29 euros, so you can also paint a second time during the trip. There was even a painting course for kids and teens for 19 euros per child and for the very young (3-6 years) for 15 euros per child. A great offer were also the photography courses “Fundamentals of Photography”, where you learn to deal with your own SLR (25 euros per person).
  6. Open-air cinema
    A very special highlight! In the evening on deck 14 in the Arena (sports ground) was an open-air cinema event where you got popcorn and cozy blankets. You could see for example, “The Grinch,” “The Polar Express” and “Three Wishes for Cinderella”. You sat on the steps of the sports field and looked at the big screen to watch a movie outdoors. That was wonderful and is an experience for young and old. Sometimes you could also watch movies with your family inside if you don’t like to sit outside.
  7. Sunbeds on deck 5
    Our favorite sunbeds were on deck 5. On both sides of the center were white wooden sunbeds with thick and super comfortable cushions available. They had a direct view of the ocean, it was very quiet and the bars are nearby.Mein Schiff 4 Liegen
  8. Attend a lecture or a reading
    In addition to presentations of the captain to the ship, there are also plenty of readings on board. We participated in the Captain’s Question Time with the captain Kjell Holm, who speaks fluent German. It was very entertaining and fun. At the end there was also the possibility to take photos with the captain. A tour to “Behind the Scenes” or on the bridge did not exist for security reasons, unfortunately. Furthermore, there were presentations about the next destinations or very entertaining readings, such as “inside cabin with balcony” or comedy shows like “Midlife Cruises” about getting older.Klanghaus Konzerte
  9. Take pictures at the bow
    There was a small chance to see the bridge from below. On the Mein Schiff 4 you can walk to the bow on deck 5. Wonderful. You should definitely walk there and don’t forget to bring your camera!Schiffsbug
  10. Enjoy seafood at Gosh and watch the ocean
    On Deck 12, behind the restaurant Ankelmannsplatz, is the Gosh’s fish restaurant. Here you could have breakfast in the morning until 10 o’clock while overlooking the ocean or eat lunch at noon from 12-14 o’clock (crabs, fried fish, salmon, herring) for free. The rest of the time this restaurant is a speciality restaurant which charges you. There are also great deals on certain days, such as the free caviar breakfast or salmon breakfast. Gosh Sylt Restaurant auf dem Kreuzfahrtschiff Mein Schiff 4Gosh Sylt Mittagessen auf dem Kreuzfahrtschiff Mein Schiff 4

More information if you’re interested in all the offers on board

Spa treatments
There were not only exciting lectures on nutrition tips (carbohydrates, proteins) and beauty treatments (fat cells emptying & microdermabrasion), but also spa treatments such as a hay pack (45 min. for 45 Euro ), Power Plate Vibration (20 min. for 22 Euro) or a CardioScan for (20 min. for 19 euros). If you want to get a full understanding of the entire range of offers, then you should get the schedule on Deck 12, because in the daily program is only an extract of the offers.
There were several days with hourly Sauna infusions from 16 clock and even an exclusive sauna night (extra charge) incl. body scrub, facial mask and sauna infusions (180 min. for 26 Euro). Important: There is a possibility to go for the little ones in the sauna, but only at selected times in the bio sauna accompanied by a parent or guardian.
They also had golfer and biker meetings, where all golf trips and cycling tours were presented. So you could already meet some interesting people. But there was also a meeting for the single traveler guests followed by lunch or an anniversary celebration for all jubilees, whether birthday or wedding anniversary, celebrated together with a cocktail.
Every day there was also great (paid) tastings on offer, such as the whiskey tasting (30 euros per person), a coffee-tasting (20 Euros per person), rum tasting (30 Euros per person) or even a meat-tasting in the Surf & Turf Steakhouse (25 euros per person) and even a sushi tasting (15 Euros per person).

Sushi Restaurant Hanami

Steakhouse Mein Schiff 4

There are not only great jewelry workshops in which you can make your own jewelry  (25 euros per person, plus. material), but also sushi workshops (20 Euro per person) and cocktail workshops (23 Euro per person incl. Mein Schiff glass with logo imprint).
In addition to nice bingo rounds, there are also 3-card poker game introductions and tournaments, blackjack game introductions, as well as entire blackjack evenings and tournaments. There are always specials, such as the Ladies-Night (black-jack for 2 euros) and other offers.
Dance classes
On the Mein Schiff 4 you could learn to dance Salsa, Rumba and ChaCha for free. But there were also dance classes for teens and also for advanced dancers. On the last evening there was even a prom.
In the big concert hall you have excellent acoustics. You can listen to classical concerts, wonderful pieces on the piano, melodys of the Humboldt quartet and interpretations from Latin America. 


  1. Regina says:

    Hallo ihr Cruise Sisters,
    durch das Mein Schiff Forum von Pooldeck24 bin ich auf eure Seite aufmerksam geworden. Sehr schön, ich lese mich mal durch:-).
    Offensichtlich haben wir die gleiche Reise gemacht, daher kurz eine Anmerkung zu Fisch Gosch. Ihr schreibt:
    ” frühstücken oder Mittags von 12-14 Uhr eine Fischleckerei (Krabben, Backfisch, Lachs, Hering) im inklusive Konzept genießen. Den Rest der Zeit ist das Gosh Restaurant leider kostenpflichtig.”
    Das ist so nicht richtig, grundsätzlich ist Fisch Gosch inclusive. Es gibt einen “Bedienteil” und einen “Selbstbedienungsteil” auf der Mein Schiff 3 und 4. Nur einige mit Preisen in der Speisekarte versehene Spezialitäten und das Tagesgericht sind nicht im Preis includiert. Kann man auch noch mal in der Speisekarte auf der Mein Schiff Seite nachvollziehen. Man kann also auch abends lecker und incl. dort speisen.
    LG Regina

    • Juliet says:

      Liebe Regina,

      vielen Dank für den Hinweis! Da es unser erstes Mal auf einem Mein Schiff war, kam es uns anscheinend so vor, als wäre es sonst kostenpflichtig. Daher sind wir sehr dankbar, dass du uns in diesem Punkt berichtigst! Wir haben den Beitrag auch schon angepasst. Wenn du noch mehr Tipps und Tricks hast, kannst du sie gerne per Kommentar teilen! Wir freuen uns über jeden Beitrag.

      LG Juliet

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