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4. December 2015
Excursion on the island of São Miguel and Ponta Delgada
8. December 2015

The most wonderful view over Venice

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It was finally time to embark the MSC Musica for a cruise through the eastern Mediterranean – truly one of our favorite cruise destinations, because you can discover so many beautiful cities in this area. The departure from Venice is a special highlight, which you have to experience once in a lifetime!

Arrival at the cruise terminal

We arrived with the People Mover and the shuttle bus (read more about that in our post 5 tips for a perfect weekend in Venice) at Porto Marittimo. Although we were very early at the cruise terminal ( around 12:30 pm), the queue of passengers was long. We had to wait almost 1.5 hours until we finally arrived at the check-in desk on the top floor of the terminal building. There you could get a glass of orange juice or water and the service staff of MSC distributed flyers with information about spa services, drink packages and shore excursions. Additionally, you got a couple of discount coupons and flyers with information about a lottery on board. You could already get an impression of what will be offered during the week on board.

After check-in the photographers took a cruise photo which you could buy later on board if you like. Then we finally walked into the huge cruise ship! We had a balcony cabin on deck 8 in category Bella (cabin 8025 – it was great!). And we booked the beverage package ” Cheers !” with unlimited mealtime drinks. For the first time we had a beverage package and did not necessarily have to buy other drink packages. Of course you can always pay individually for each drink like at a restaurant. But we advise you to buy a drinks package on board a MSC cruise. Then we went to see our cabin. We were very excited and full of anticipation!

Finally on board!

We wanted to relax for some minutes and breathe the fresh air from the balcony – lovely! From our balcony cabin we had a nice view of the MS Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ship of the Holland America Line, which we saw on the opposite pier. It was already 2:30 pm. After that we wanted to discover the ship and all its amenities. Walking through the ship and the decks helps to get an understanding where the restaurants are, where the theater is, what kind of lounges there are on the various decks and what else the ship has to offer. At 4:30 pm there was an emergency exercise and after that we went back to the cabin to enjoy the view over Venice on our balcony. We took our camera and waited for the departure. 5:00 pm was scheduled departure time. The view we had over Venice was indescribably beautiful:

Blick über die Dächer von VenedigAusfahrt von der MSC mit Blick auf VenedigAusfahrt von der MSC mit Blick auf Venedig

After watching Venice disappear over the horizon, we went to the restaurant for dinner. We looked forward to the choice of many different dishes and courses and enjoyed the beautiful setting overlooking the ocean. A wonderful cruise started. Next stop: Bari !


  1. Max says:

    Herrliche Bilder der Ausfahrt. Wir hatten auf der Splendour of the Seas nicht so großes Glück, weil der Nebel in der Lagune hing .. Naja somit dann beim nächsten mal 😉

    • Juliet says:

      Vielen Dank Max! Das ist schade, dass ihr so viel Nebel hattet…vielleicht ist es beim nächsten Mal schöner. Wir finden, dass sich eine Abfahrt ab Venedig immer wieder lohnt!

  2. anna maron says:

    Wenn man Venedig weiterhin so ausbeutet wird es lange nicht mehr so bleiben wie man es heute kennt! Die Probleme sind ja bekannt. Auch muss ich sagen, dass ich den Ausverkauf von Venedig nicht für richtig halte!

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