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Asian Elements in the Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

The Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

After a wonderful day in Cádiz, we were looking forward to our dinner at the Tamarind restaurant aboard the Eurodam. The Tamarind restaurant is located on deck 11 aboard the Eurodam and offers an incredibly beautiful view of the ocean. It is one of the restaurants with an extra charge and lured us with culinary delights from Southeast Asia, China and Japan. Tamarind Restaurant Entrance Eurodam

The Tamarind restaurant is open from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm and cost 20 dollars per person extra. When we walked into the restaurant, we realized that we would spend a special evening in this place. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with Asian elements in yellow and brown colors. After sitting down, we got a jasmine tea and a warm towel for refreshment. Then we could choose our food from the menu.

Delicious Appetizers

Table at the Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

The menu at Tamarind is designed to choose a main course from different elements. Additionally you can choose an appetizer and a dessert. We chose a wonton soup and the sushi and sashimi selection as a starter. The sushi was a dream. We had sashimi, nigiri and futomaki with salmon, tuna and shrimps. So incredibly fresh and tasty. You should definitely try it.

Sushi at the Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

Main Course: Four Elements

The main courses were inspired by the Chinese theory of the elements of wood, fire, earth and water. Water was as lobster with ginger and garlic and wood was a Cantonese duck. In the category of fire there were dishes such as a red curry or Vietnamese lamb with mint. The vegetarian dishes were defined by the element earth.

Menu at the Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

Asian menu at the Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

We chose a main dish of the element fire and one of the element wood. We got the red coconut curry with chicken and the duck with rice. As a side dish we had rice, mushrooms and steamed vegetables. You could always order more of your chosen side dish. Both dishes were very tasty and the portions were very big. It was not necessary to reorder more food.

Main Dish at the Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

Exotic Dessert

Even the dessert was of course Asian. The menu offered, for example, a mango-cloud, a chocolate fortune cookie, ginger-banana pudding and various sorbets. Finally, one of us chose a trio of sorbets, consisting of Wasabi, lychee with green tea and passion fruit with basil. It was a perfect flavor experience. The other dessert was chocolate ice-cream with fresh fruits. Wonderfully decorated and extremely tasty.

Trio of sorbets at the Tamarind restaurant aboard the Eurodam

Dessert at Tamarind Eurodam

Eating dinner at the Tamarind restaurant was a culinary experience and we really loved it. After our delicious dessert, we wanted to have a last drink in the bar next to the restaurant.

Asian Cocktails at the Tamarind Bar

Tamarind Bar aboard the Eurodam

To finish off our great day, we went directly to the Tamarind bar. This bar had a great ocean view. There were various purple sofas and wonderfully comfortable chairs to relax. Of course, they also had special Asian cocktails. We tried the Saketinis. The saketinis cost 7.75 dollars. A saketini was served in a martini glass, which was placed in a round glass filled with ice cubes.

Saketini at the Tamarind Bar aboard the Eurodam

This bar was a great location with a very unique seating and a beautiful view. We highly recommended this bar on board. We drank our Saketini with an amazing view of the sun sinking into the ocean. A perfect day came to an end. Unfortunately, our cruise also came to an end. We had only one day left. It was a seaday and we were excited to find out what we can do on board the Eurodam.

We thank Holland America Line for inviting us to try the food at the Tamarind restaurant.

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