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10. December 2015
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30. December 2015

Shopping and Tapas in Vigo

Today we were in Vigo. The port city of Vigo is located in northern Spain and we wanted to go shopping. The trip to Santiago de Compostela was too long, since you had to sit in the bus for several hours. To our delight, the first shopping mall was right at the harbor.

We went first to the sun deck to get an overview of the harbor and the city of Vigo. The sky was bright blue and the sun shone. Perfect for a relaxing stroll. In front of us at the port was the MSC Orchestra. And the first shopping center with bars and cafes was only a few meters away. The city center was very near, so we could walk today.

Celebrity u MSC Orchestra

Café in Vigo

In order to get some exercise, we really decided just to walk and not to take the bus or a taxi. But it should be a relaxed day, so we decided first to drink a real Spanish Cortado at a Café right on the harbor and then to explore Vigo. A Cortado is a Spanish black coffee without milk and sugar. If you want a stronger coffee, it is best to order a café solo and to drink a latte, you have to order a café con leche.


Although Vigo is not very big, it is very cozy and has a certain maritime touch. A lovely little Spanish port city. The shopping center on the pier offered a Media Markt, an Adolfo Dominguez, a pharmacy and other shops. And there was free Wi-Fi. Of course that was great. We decided to come back after a trip through the town and then go shopping. First we wanted to go to the city.

You can walk in Vigo on foot in the city. In downtown there are typical small Spanish bars and cafes and a nice selection of different shops. On a sunny day you can enjoy the scenery and drink café or try tapas. Tapas are Spanish snacks, anywhere in Spain they taste different. You can try bread with goat cheese, sometimes omelette, bread with Spanish Serrano ham, sausage, olives, cheese or anchovies. Try them with a beer or a Spanish wine. Or even an alcohol-free bitters such as Spanish Bitter Kas, a bitter lemonade. To find out more about tapas read our guest blog post “Top 3 Foods You Must Try in Spain” !

We resisted to eat Tapas in the city and instead sat down at the harbor overlooking the two ships in a bar and there tasted a Spanish beer and some olives. After a short shopping break in the shopping center, we went back to the ship.

Celebrity Eclipse in Vigo

Here you have a city map with a shopping street and two nice shopping centers:

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  1. Manfred Bartels says:


    vielen lieben Dank für diesen Bericht. Wir sind im April 2019 auf einer Transatlantik Kreutzfahrt. Dank diesem Reisebericht werden wir auch nicht die Fahrt nach Santiago de Compostela wegen der langen Busfahrt buchen sondern die Stadt zu Fuß erkunden.

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