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Hotels in Miami Beach-How to choose the perfect hotel

Miam Strand Beach

Miami Beach: that’s luxury, sun, beachlife, adventure, Miami Vice and a lot of fun. Nevertheless, the choice of the hotel is not simple. We selected our hotel with a few considerations. Because we did not want to be in the middle of the bustle, but enjoy the beachlife of Miami Beach and even though explore everything around about, we had booked a Resort in the north of South Beach. From here we conquered Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and got an impression of the luxury life in Miami and surrounding areas.

Criteria to choose a hotel

The choice of a hotel in Miami Beach has been very difficult for us. There are countless hotels with even more critics which one can read. We have lost ourselves for days in reading offers and critics. Afterwards I can say you simply must know what you want. So we decided what’s important for us. These were our criteria:

  • It should be a hotel on the beach
  • The hotel should have new rooms or be renovated
  • We wanted a pool
  • Rather a luxury hotel instead of a party hotel
  • Rather get a good value for our money than paying overcharged prices
  • Great breakfast
  • The car should be safe

Our decision: The Eden Roc

After these criteria were fixed, we could cross out most hotels in South Beach of our list. And so it became the Eden Roc in Miami Beach. The way to Miami Beach is marked with the small suns on the highway signs and easy to find. Our hotel, the Eden Roc raised itself immensely in front of us as we drove down the street. There was only Valet Parking, which we used. We were accompanied into the hall and to the check in. The foyer was white, moulder and very stylish. Just like we had fancied it.

Nevertheless, we were a bit irritated about the welcoming words of the receptionist when she found out that we were Europeans. We should go for a walk by no means, and take the car if we want to go somewhere. If somebody knocks at our room door, even if it is the room-service, we should always call the reception and make sure whether somebody was sent. Our joy was a little bit clouded. We had read that Miami is not safe, but we had not expected these dangers.

Miami HotelHotel MiamiHotel Miami

Our room was modernly furnished and had a view over Miami. Unfortunately, not to the beachside, this was too expensive. Now we wanted to enjoy the rest of the day at the hotel and visited the pool. Beside a private beach there were several pools and here we took a break from the day after the ride over of the Keys, before we went by car to South Beach to have a look at the Art Deco hotels. If you want to see all the illuminated hotels you have to visit South Beach at night. The Illumination is faboulous. Nevertheless, it has somewhat of the spanish Ballermann, so that one drive through the area was enough and we were glad that we had not booked an overpriced hotel here.

Because also the restaurant offer did not persuade us, we decided to go back to the hotel and spend the rest of the evening in the beach restaurant. This was very nice, because we had a view of the sea. Even if it was pitch-black, we heard the sea rushing. The only curious thing was that our cocktails were served in plastic mugs, but they were tasty. Thus the first day came to an end in Miami and we were very happy with our hotel choice. By the way, we felt secure all the time in the big hotel area.

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  1. We did the same and booked a hotel which was one block back from the beach, the saving was amazing! I could handle the one block walk.

    Amazing place, wish I was back there right now.

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