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8. October 2017
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TOP 10 Activities Aboard AIDAperla

Our cruise aboard the AIDAperla in the western Mediterranean starts with a day at sea. Wonderful! Time to relax and discover the ship. We will share with you our TOP activities on board to plan a perfect day at sea.

Our highlights include workshops, entertainment and some culinary delights. With these 10 activities you can experience a great sea day aboard the AIDAperla:

  1. Relaxing breakfast at French Kiss

The breakfast offer aboard the AIDAperla is particularly diverse on sea days. Breakfast is served in the buffet restaurants from 7:00 am to 11:00 am in different time frames, but there is also a wonderful breakfast offer at the French Kiss and a gourmet breakfast at the Buffalo Steak House. We loved the breakfast in the restaurant French Kiss in an original French bistro atmosphere. It is not too crowded on a sea day and we started the day very relaxed. You order your breakfast à la carte and the waiter will bring it to the table.

We first got a three tier stand with different French and international cheeses and sausages as well as salmon. Hearty egg dishes that are freshly prepared and delicious jams sweeten the start of the day. We particularly liked the not so French pancakes with fruits. Délicieux!

The breakfast in the French Kiss is included, only drinks have to be paid extra. In the buffet restaurants the drinks are mostly included. However the prices in the French Kiss are well affordable, for example, the cappuccino costs 2.60 euros and the latte macchiato 2.80 euros. A glass of sparkling wine costs 3.90 euros. But also in the buffet restaurant the coffee specialties like cappuccino, latte or espresso cost extra. We can highly recommend this French start of the day despite the cost of drinks.
  1. Morning pint in the Brewery

In the daily program we discovered the morning pint on sea days from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in the brewery. We directly knew, that we had to go there and enjoy that. After all, this was the Oktoberfest cruise aboard the AIDAperla. And what would an Oktoberfest trip be without the classic “O’zapft is!”. At 11:30 am it started. We got a table near the stage with live band and couldn’t wait for this event to take place.

At the morning pint, we were greeted by a buffet with Bavarian specialties, the Bavarian would say: “A good Brodzeid”, with white sausages, pretzels and more. Of course, matching the Oktoberfest, there was also a special beer, which was first tapped personally by master brewer Fabrizio Brall. When he says “O’zapft is!”, it means, the Wiesn event started in the brewery. There was a round of free beer, Dodo (the AIDA mascot), passed in his leather pants and the hall raged. Most of the cruise guests stood on the beer banks to celebrate! Even if it’s not an Oktoberfest, you should not miss this event, because it was real fun.

  1. Nautical Interview with the Captain

The interview with the captain is one of the highlights on every cruise. This is the opportunity to hear the captain talking about many cruise secrets. When else do you have that opportunity? Of course, we wanted to hear about the experiences of Captain Boris Becker and we were looking forward to his stories in the theatrium.

Captain Boris Becker, who just returned from vacation, invited all guests for an hour to ask him questions about his cruise life. Not only did we learn that two captains share a ship, so they can take turns, but also we learner more about the fast-paced deployment of the new cruise ship AIDAperla. All crew members helped to unload the containers and brought the furniture on board. All in a hurry and much faster than planned. Did you know that? If you are interested in stories about the ship, you should not miss the interview on a sea day!

  1. Workshop in the cooking studio

No, we did not want to cook on vacation this time, but we always wanted to know how to do Fruit Carving. We have often watched the skillful crew members do fruit carving, but have never tried it ourselves. The fruit carving workshop on the sea day took place in the cooking studio. For 12 euros per person you can learn the arts of cutting melons during this workshop.

We tried to carve a bunny face out of a melon. After being shown twice how to turn the melon into a bunny face, we started doing it ourselves. Luckily the face was drawn on the melon, but we still needed some talent for cutting. Time flew by and with a little help here and there we all succeeded. We are quite proud of the good result and really loved this awesome workshop.

Our Conclusion: We will probably not always carve a melon bunny for our guests, but we now we know how to do it and the next easter buffet is surely coming. Maybe next time we will try a cooking class on board.

  1. Take Pictures on the Skywalk

We love photography. On board, there are always countless great photo spots and with good weather, we have to take pictures of the blue water and the ship. On board the AIDAperla there is also a perfect photo place with wonderful views of the sea and the cruise ship. You can also take some great shots of yourself or fellow passengers here. We are talking about the Skywalk. This glass plattform at a dizzying height is located on both sides of the ship on deck 15 at the stern. The view from the Skywalk is amazing.

We shot some great pictures and met the nice photo team. At sea days, AIDA offers the opportunity to make portrait photos on the Skywalk. The pictures are not very cheap with over 20 euros per photo, but that is not too expensive we think. If you would like to have some professional photos at an awesome place like the Skywalk, then you should definitely let the Photo Team on board take pictures of you.

  1. Create Your Own Ice Cream in the Magnum Pleasure Store

Ice cream lovers must visit the Magnum Pleasure Store on Deck 7. Here you can design the famous Magnum ice cream in your own look. The vanilla ice cream body can be dipped into dark, whole milk or white chocolate adn can be decorated with different toppings. They offer chocolate chips, smarties, golden sugar pearls, almonds and much more. Unfortunately, the ice cream is so delicious that we had to quickly take a picture before we ate it. If you want, you can put your own ice cream creation in a magnum picture frame for a photo.

  1. Lookout

We love the lookout on board. On deck 17 at the bow we found two fantastic viewing platforms with two binoculars to the right and left of the signal mast. These platforms, which are accessible via two steps, offer a great view over the bow to the sea.

  1. Eat soft ice cream in the Fuego restaurant

In the restaurant Fuego on deck 14 you will find during the opening hours a soft ice cream machine. Since the restaurant is open for breakfast, afternoons, as well as in the evening until midnight, you will get a chance to try it. Of course there are also delicious toppings.

  1. Show in the Nightfly Bar

Our favourite highlight on board was the Nightfly Bar for us. We avoided this bar on the first evening, since it looked somehow empty and it had an entrance fee. Later we discovered this wonderful bar and visited the shows at the Nightfly almost every night. We totally fell in love with this bar, that is why we included it in our TOP 10 activities blog post. The Nightfly is an exclusive nightclub on Deck 6 in front of the Spraybar and offers great entertainment every night from 10 pm in a pleasant nightclub atmosphere. Admission is allowed from the age of 18 and costs 10 euros per person including a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne. If you consider that the glass of champagne in the spray bar costs 9.90 euros, that price is fair.

In plushy pink armchairs we enjoyed the show while sipping champagne and enjoying the show of Henryk Reimann. We saw the shows “Berlin, Berlin” with music from the musicals Cabaret and Lola, as well as “Paris, Mon Amour” with chansons that made us really feel like being in the France and we saw “Close to you”.

  1. Eat Currywurst

On board the AIDAperla on deck 6 you will find the bistro “scharfe Ecke”. From 2 pm until 2 am you can try a delicious Currywurst at this place. If you like, you can also buy an Astra Pils. There are also various curry powders to choose from. What a perfect end of a sea day!

Thanks for reading our TOP 10 activities on board the AIDAperla. Of course there is much more to experience and discover on board. You will learn more about what we discovered in our next blog posts. Stay tuned!


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  1. Auch wir wollen nächstes Jahr mit der Perla fahren, wir freuen uns jetzt schon und hoffen auf einen glücklichen Erfolg und der Fertigstellung des neuen Schiffes.Und wir wünschen AIDA einen glücklichen Start nach der schlimmen Zeit.

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