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5 Tips for Fun Aboard the Harmony of the Seas

On board the Harmony of the Seas we never felt boredom. The offered programm and the free activities on the outdoor deck and generally on board are so diverse that we want to give you 5 tips for a lot of fun aboard this cruise ship. The mentioned activities are all indoors. You will find more tips for fun outside on the pool decks in the next part of our review.

Our TOP 5 Activities for Fun on Board

On the Harmony of the Seas you could try so many acitivities that we could only get a glimpse of everything within a few days. There are activities for adults and kids of all ages. There is for example the explorers group of kids, which will do experiments and other cool stuff. Even for adults, different activities are offered, such as game and puzzle hours, free wellness seminars and more. But we have discovered 5 great activities that we loved on board and want to share with you.

1. Discover Artworks on Board

There are more than 3,000 pieces of art on board the Harmony of the Seas. They are all inspired by the theme “The Wonder of Our World, The World We Live In”. On the Harmony you can discover more works of art than there are paintings in the famous Louvre museum in France. This aroused our curiosity and we were on the lookout for pieces of art during the entire cruise. We have not discovered all pieces of art and certainly even passed by some unnoticed, but it was really interesting to find some amazing artworks. We identified some artworks immediately, such as the large, rotating head of the Czech artist David Cerny on the Royal Promenade consisting of five tons of steel. Or find the artwork “Medusa’s Shoes” on deck 4. The golden shoes by the Dutch artist John Breed at the beginning of the Entertainment Place were difficult to find at first but were a real eye-catcher. In the Central Park, on the pool decks and anywhere else you can discover art. It was always worth it to look up, to the side, into the corners or behind you to find artpieces all over the ship. If you are not completely overwhelmed by the size of the cruise ship and keep your eyes open, you will always find small and large works of art. In our photo gallery you can have a look at some of them:

Artwork Harmony of the Seas

The Head artwork onboard Harmony of the Seas

sunglasses artwork onboard Harmony of the Seas

2. Scrapbooking Course

We also visited a handicraft course. It was the scrapbooking course on deck 5 in the On Air Club. Scrapbooking means taking pictures, various scraps of paper, stickers and stamps and combine them to create your own collage. The course took 30 minutes. It wasn’t really a course, because the staff member did not explain a lot. She showed us three examples of collages and was available for questions and ideas.

Scrapbooking examples onboard Harmony of the Seas

There was an incredible number of different craft supplies and you could start and have fun creating whatever yo want. There were various scissors cutting in different shapes, many maritime stickers, colored paper, pens, glue, stamps and lots of scraps of paper in bright colors. It was all about Royal Caribbean, adventure, travel, the sea and the characters from DreamWorks.

Scrapbooking course onboard Harmony of the Seas

We made a collage of our trip with the Harmony of the Seas and had a blast doing some handicrafts together. You won’t have a lot of time to ponder in 30 minutes. However, you can continue to create your collage on the next day. The scrapbooking course took place every day around 2 or 3 pm.

Scrapbooking Harmony of the Seas

3. Escape Game: The Rubicon

Since we already played several room escape games in Germany, we also wanted to try the Escape Game on board the Harmony. If you’ve never tried an Escape Game, here is a little explanation: You are locked up in a room for 60 minutes. Mostly with a group of 4 to12 people. The goal is always similar: solve several puzzles in the room to find the key for the way out. It is important to communicate well with the others from the group to solve the puzzles together. Depending on your communication and skills, you might get out of the room in less than 60 minutes.

On the Harmony you can play the “Escape the Rubicon” game on deck 14 in the Kids Avenue. At this point, we have an important note: The minimum age is 14 years and in our game we only had 3 youngster and the rest were adults. We reserved the Escape Game online before traveling in our “Cruise Planner”. We would recommend you to do the same, because on board only a few dates and times were free. While reserving online, you will not know how many other players will play with you.

Escape Game Rubicon onboard Harmony of the Seas

Directly upon entering the Kids Avenue you will find on the right side of the wall the inscription “Rubicon”. The picture looked like a spaceship. Here we waited for the start of the game. You will not see any sign, but you’ll just have to wait in front of the screen. After some time, more and more players arrived and it turned out that we would play with ten other players. The game will only take place if there are at least 6 players. All players spoke fluent English and also the introduction video and the puzzles were in English. It is absolutely necessary to speak and understand English in order to play this escape game.

We had a very lovely game supervisor, who introduced herself as “Erica from America”. We first watched an introductory video that explained the setting of the game. Then the game began. Erica of America led us in the room and stayed with us in the room during the whole game. The room represented the interior of a spaceship and unfortunately we had an engine failure. The goal was to solve the puzzles together to start the engine again. Some puzzles were easy to solve and some puzzles were pretty difficult. This game demands teamwork and even if you do not know each other, you can have lots of fun together. We managed to get all the puzzles solved within 49 minutes and were even among the top 5 groups on board. We will not reveal more about the story and the puzzles. We wish you a lot of fun, you should definitely try this game!

Escape Game onboard Harmony of the Seas

Misson time Rubicon

4. Take Pictures with your Favorite Characters from DreamWorks

For children and adults, especially for fans of Dreamworks movies and characters, there is the possibility to meet a different character every day on board. In your daily board program you will find out, which character will walk around the cruise ship as well as when and where you will be able to take pictures of the Penguins of Madagascar, Shrek, the Puss in Boots or Kitty Softpaws. Of course there was also the opportunity to take photos of yourself with the DreamWorks character. Once we saw Gloria in the elevator. It is a special experience when suddenly a hippo squeezes itself in the elevator with cruise passengers. Fun is guaranteed!

5. On Air Karaoke

Every evening on deck 5 on the Royal Promenade, there was the possibility to sing or listen to karaoke in the On Air Club Karaoke. The atmosphere was fantastic and there were many courageous singers. Including real entertainment talents. If you feel like, you can sing and perform or just sit in the audience and enjoy the show. Even if you are not a great singer, everyone will sing along and enjoy it. We really enjoyed watching various karaoke singers perform. When finally the song Sweet Caroline came up, we could not help ourselves but join the singing crowd. So, try it yourself or go and watch. It is a super fun acitivity!

On Air Karaoke onboard Harmony of the Seas

You can read more about our favorite activities for fun on the outside decks in our next blog post. So stay tuned and visit our cruise blog regularly!

Were you already on board the Harmony of the Seas? What did you like most or what would you like to try on board?

Thank you very much RCL Cruises Ltd. for this amazing cruise with the Harmony of the Seas.

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