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TOP 10 Activities Aboard the MS EUROPA 2

Aussicht vom Bug auf das blaue Meer an Bord der MS EUROPA 2

What can you experience on board the MS EUROPA 2 and what should you definitely not miss? We have summarized all the must-dos in our TOP 10 activities post. This list includes many culinary delights. Here are our TOP 10 activities aboard the MS EUROPA 2:

  1. Veranda Breakfast

The breakfast offer for cabin breakfast aboard the MS EUROPA 2 is truly amazing. It includes basic breakfast with rolls, cheese, ham, jam and yogurt, but also offers many special treats. For example the wellness breakfast includes chia seeds and avocado dip and the gourmet breakfast offers a smoked fish variation and liver terrine. It was so delicious. You can find out more about the cabin breakfast in this blog post.

  1. Visit the Captain

Captain Christian van Zwamen invited us to visit the ship’s bridge. We totally enjoyed it! It was our first day on board and we were still docked at the port of Rhodos. We loved the panoramic view from the bridge.

We had the chance to ask all our questions to the captain. He talked about his time aboard the expedition cruise ship MS BREMEN, told us about weather risks and about being homesick.  However his most important goal on every single day is to make the guests happy. We really loved talking to him and were thankful for his time and hospitality. We also had the chance to take some pictures with him.

  1. Waffels at the Pool Bar

In the daily program we discovered, that they offer “tropical waffles” at the pool bar. We were very curious, because many guests on board told us about the delicious waffles in the afternoon. Of course, we had to try them and were absolutely thrilled. Every day you can enjoy waffles with a different topping.

We tried tropical waffles and waffles with apple and cinnamon ice cream. You can order a coffee, an iced chocolate or some iced tea to drink. It is all included.

  1. Club Sandwich at the Sansibar

The Sansibar is a fabulous place to be at night and during the day. At night you can enjoy the stars in the sky, the music and a good drink. During the day you can enjoy this place with a delicious club sandwich. You will have a perfect view of the port and the ocean while eating your club sandwich with french fries.

  1. Gin Tasting

If you want to experience the different tastes of gin, then you should definitely try a gin tasting aboard the MS EUROPA 2. The tasting is done in the bar “Herrenzimmer” and is for free. They offer more than 37 gins and during the tasting you will be able to try 5 or 6 of them.

First we got a welcome cocktail with gin. After that we enjoyed three different gins during the tasting. We tried the Gin Mare from Spain, the G’Vine Floraison from France and the Pink 47 London Dry Gin from England.

You will first taste the gin neat. After that they add a flavouring compound like orange or rosemary. Last but not least they will add some tonic water. It is a great experience and do’nt worry, you will get some bread and water too.

  1. Sushi in the Sakura Restaurant

The Sakura is the sushi restaruant aboard the MS EUROPA 2. We love sushi and so we were in the absolute sushi heaven in this restaurant. Since you do not have to pay any surcharge for the specialty restaurants on board, you can enjoy as much sushi as you want. Find out more about this great place in our blog post about the restaurants on board.

  1. Caviar Night in the Yacht Club

Thursday is caviar night aboard the MS EUROPA 2. You can eat as much caviar, lobster, scampi and oysters in the yacht club restaurant as you want. Now you could ask why this offer is only on Thursdays, even though it is a luxury cruise ship. The answer is quite simple: they want you to experience a special moment on board. If they would offer this every day, it would not be special any more.That way the guests on board will remember the caviar night as a special night.

  1. Discover Works of Art

More than 890 works of art can be found on board the MS EUROPA 2. These include works by established artists as well as emerging artists. Some suites are equipped with special pieces, for example by the pop art artist Damien Hirst. The paintings and sculptures always fit perfectly into the design of the surroundings, because the artists were often asked to create special pieces of art for the MS EUROPA 2. We show you some of the works of art that we particularly liked. For example, the blue plastic sculptures on deck 9 by Ottmar Hörl, holding binoculars and gazing out at something.

In the pool area you will find the work of Ruth Moilliet. Her sculptures draw the attention to the beauty of a flower and are made from metal. You will find many of these balls decorating the classy pool area.

Our last works of art are the paintings by Marie Godest in the restaurant Tarragon. Her paintings depict people drinking and dining together. It is a wonderful feeling to have a look at her decorative paintings while dining.

  1. Zodiac Cruising

A great highlight is zodiac cruising. You can enjoy an ocean-level cruising around the cruise ship on a small and manoeuvrable boat. Aboard this boat you will be able to discover caves and bays and can get very close to the harbor. The ride on a zodiac opens a whole new perspective on the surroundings and the huge cruise ship. You can find out more about this in our next blog post about Nauplia.

  1. Watch the Departure at the Bow

When the MS EUROPA 2 leaves the port, you can enjoy the wonderful view at the bow while departing. There is enough space for everyone.

Blick auf den Platz am Bug der MS EUROPA 2

As soon as the MS EUROPA 2 departs, the anthem “We are the Sun” will sound and you can enjoy the view of the open sea while listening to the wonderful music.

We hope you enjoyed out TOP 10 acitivities on board. Of course there is a lot more to do and discover aboard the MS EUROPA 2, but we enjoyed these 10 activities on our cruise the most.



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