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27. January 2018
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18. February 2018

TOP 10 Activities Aboard the Costa Diadema

Already on the second day of our journey through the enchanting Mediterranean Sea on board the Costa Diadema we could enjoy a great day at sea. It was our first cruise aboard Costa Cruises and as you know, we love to explore the ship on the sea day. We will share with you our TOP 10 activities on board in this blog post.

  1. Drink a Coffee Speciality in the Morning

In the morning we went to one of the bars on board to have a delicious coffee speciality. Our favourite place to be was the La Piazza Bar at the pizzeria, because the atmosphere was nice and you can sit comfortably at the bar. Another great place was Eliodoro Bar in the atrium, because there is always a lot going on. Our absolute favourite coffee specialties were the Neve Fondente and the Onda al cioccolato. Both are Illy Specials for each 4 euros. The Neve Fondente consists of illy espresso, cane sugar, milk and cocoa powder. The Onda al cioccolato consists of illy espresso chocolate topping and milk. Both coffee specialities are very sweet and very tasty, for us the perfect start to the day. You can also buy great illy coffee gift sets on board.

  1. Enjoy the ocean view on a bench at the bow

At the bow and stern there are beautiful wooden benches on deck 14, where you can enjoy the beautiful view on sea days. We love to simply enjoy the view and breathe in the fresh sea air. A day at sea can hardly begin more beautifully.

  1. Eat an Ice Cream in the Gelateria

The Gelateria Amarillo with daily fresh Italian ice-cream is located on deck 5, where you will find not only ice cream but also fresh crépes, macarons, cakes, chocolates and chocolate fruits. So it’s not just an ice cream parlor. The fairytale and at the same time purist design with squiggly chairs and many colourful balls on the ceiling is already a unique experience.

As soon as you sit down in this enchanting ice cream parlor, you can choose from a variety of ice creams or try one of the delicious ice-cream sundaes. We decided to try two scoops of coconut and mango ice cream as well as the Costa Cup sundae. The Costa Cup costs 7.50 euros and consists of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, milk ice cream, fruits, cream and blueberries. The ice cream was delicious. The gelateria is a real paradise for sweet tooth lovers.

  1. Watch the Voice of the Sea Show

The Voice of the Sea is truly a fantastic experience. Based on the famous TV format, which can be seen in more than 180 countries, the casting show is now also available live on board. Everything starts out harmlessly as a karaoke audition in the Salon Teodora. Everyone can sign up to sing their favourite song in front of the bar audience. Already here there are emotional moments and standing ovations. After the karaoke performances, the candidates are selected for the big show appearance. The candidates even get coaches to help them prepare for the spectacular show on stage during the cruise.

The decisive show will then take place at Theater Emerald. The candidates are allowed to perform in front of the audience with lighting effects and a professional band and the audience is allowed to vote by remote control. This is a great entertaining show, because it’s where real talents are found and every cruise passenger can join in the excitement. This was one of our absolute highlights on board the Costa Diadema and we had a lot of fun.

  1. Relax in the Samsara Spa

The Samsara Spa has an area of 6,200 m² on more than four levels and offers a full programme of recreation and relaxation. In addition to a thalassotherapy pool, a Turkish and an aromatic steam bath, there is also a protected outdoor whirlpool. In the spa area there is also a sauna, a tepidarium with heated stone loungers, a laconium (dry sweat bath), a room with beds for a light tan and a tea house. In the tea house you can drink ice-cold water with citrus fruits or an ayurverdian tea and enjoy the view in the armchairs.

We particularly liked the Samsara Spa because it offers a wide range of wellness facilities and the premises of the spa area have almost all sea views. It is beautifully ligth-flooded and the spa area has a wide offer for everyone to relax. A little hint: The best thing to do is to visit the spa in the morning on port days, when many full-day excursions are booked. Ports such as Civitavecchia and Savona are good examples. During those days you will be more or less on your own in the spa area.

  1. Eat a Pizza in La Pizzeria

In the on-board pizzeria, fresh pizzas with the finest ingredients are prepared in front of the passengers by an Italian pizza maker. The pizzeria is a specialty restaurant. A tasty pizza and dessert are offered for 8.50 euros. By the way: If you simply register as a Costa Club member on board with your e-mail address, you will receive a 50% discount in the specialty restaurants. Then the delicious pizza without dessert costs only 4 euros.

Did you know that mozzarella is freshly prepared on board the Costa Diadema? We took part in a kitchen tour and can say that the mozzarella on board is simply delicious. That’s why we chose the Tricolore pizza with fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and ricotta cheese and the Calabrese Piccante pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, salami, olives and chilli. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy! We highly recommend the pizzas.

  1. Drink an Aperitif

The evening aperitif is an Italian tradition. You can enjoy a drink before dinner in the presence of friends. This can be a Prosecco, a Maritini, an Aperol Spritz or a non-alcoholic Crodino. Our favorite drink was a mixture of prosecco and non-alcoholic crodino. There are two kinds of crodino. One with citrus taste and red fruits. We liked both very much. Our favourite bar for an early evening aperitif was the La Piazza Bar at the pizzeria on deck 5, where it’s nice and quiet, you can have a good time and the small bar is never crowded. Otherwise we can recommend the Bar Teodora from our next tip.

  1. Enjoy the Sunset in the Bar Teodora

A special highlight on board the Costa Diadema is the Bar Teodora on deck 5, where you will find a few protected corners with armchairs and tables, as well as a few colourful orange chairs under yellow umbrellas, basically inviting you to drink an Aperol Spritz.

The bar adjoins the Salon Teodora and is located at the stern of the ship. Most of the time it was rather empty, so this bar seems to be a real insider tip. We also got to know and love the bar through a tip from our Instagram followers. A wonderful place to watch the sunset.

  1. Experience the Tavola Teppanyaki

The Japanese restaurant Tavola Teppanyaki is a really amazing experience. The evening includes not only delicious Asian cuisine, but also a real show highlight. The seats are arranged around the hotplate. You sit on bar stools at a counter and watch the master chefs preparing the dishes. The whole thing is accompanied by a few show elements, jokes and the charming character of the chef. You can choose from three menus: a vegetarian menu for 27 euros, the classic Teppanyaki for 30 euros and the Teppanyaki of the chef for 34 euros.

We chose the classic Teppanyaki menu. The menu starts with edamame and a miso soup. The main course is prepared by the chef of the desired main course. We had two main courses. Janice choise  tiger prawns with lemon and garlic butter sauce and chicken with sweet Japanese sauce and I chose the tiger prawns and a salmon filet with teriyaki sauce. There was also a wakame salad with beetroot vinaigrette and rice with egg and vegetables.

For dessert we opted for the mascarpone foam with sweet red beans and wild berries and for the ice cream made of Japanese green tea on crispy banana tempura. We particularly enjoyed the main courses. They were all fantastic and we laughed a lot during the show.

After registration for the Costa Club you will get a 50% discount again, then this great experience is absolutely worthwhile.

  1. White Night Party

The biggest party on board the Costa Diadema was the legendary La Notte Bianca. In the afternoon, you can buy some white party utensils such as white hats or white glasses in front of the photo shop. At dinner time, most of the guests will appear in white clothes to get in party mood. The party starts at 11 pm on deck 10, the Lido Deck, where not only ice figures are carved, but also the animation team creates a great atmosphere and the film crew’s live footage is shown on the huge screen. The shots are particularly funny, when the camera is pointed at a couple like in the stadium and then it says: kissing! Everybody feverishly joins in, rejoicing, dancing and laughing. The White Night Party is an amazing party and the longest night of the cruise. At midnight they also offer a refreshing fruit buffet – without chocolate.


Thanks to Costa Kreuzfahrten for this great cruise aboard the Costa Diadema. This post is not sponsored.

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