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11. October 2016
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30. October 2016

TOP 10 Activities on Sea Days Aboard the Harmony of the Seas

The Aqua Theater aboard the Harmony of the Seas

On the biggest cruise ship in the world there is always a lot to discover. Whether you want to see one of the many shows, enjoy a drink in a bar or explore the huge outside deck. There is a lot to see and to do. But what can you do on board? We were already looking forward to experience all the offered activities. Here are our TOP 15 activities on sea days aboard the Harmony of the Seas:

  1. Watch the sunrise at the bow

On deck 14 at the bow of the ship, there are two viewing platforms over the bridge nocks. From here you have a great view over the bow and the helipad. Particularly beautiful is the view of the open sea and the rising sun. On the left platform, there is even an extended glass floor called “King of the World”. Here you can feel like on the Titanic.

View point at the bow aboard Harmony of the Seas

  1. Enjoy the sea view at the Mast Bar

On deck 16 there is the Mast Bar. There are some barstools where you can enjoy a cool drink. There are many sun loungers too. A great place to relax and enjoy. From this place you can enjoy a wonderful view of the outer deck of the ship and the sea.

Mast Bar aboard the Harmony of the Seas

Sun lounger aboard the Harmony of the Seas

  1. Zipline ride obove the Boardwalk

Ziplining over the decks of a cruise ship? Impossible? No! On the Harmony of the Seas you can slide on the zip line in 25 meters above the ship. You can enjoy this activity for free. You will reach the end so fast that you do not have time to be scared. It is a fun activity. Be aware that you have to wear shoes and socks. Otherwise they will not allow you to try the zip line.

The zip line aboard the Harmony of the Seas

  1. Take a walk in the Central Park

In Central Park there are more than 12,000 real plants. In this park you can really rest, take a walk and even forget that you are on board a cruise ship. There are hidden benches with small side tables, where you can read a book and drink a coffee or a cocktail. Works of art such as planted walls or huge sunglasses decorate the surroundings. You can even get a snack at the nearby park cafe. We recommend you to enjoy your breakfast here.

Central Park aboard the Harmony of the Seas

Plants and art aboard the Harmony of the Seas

The Central Park aboard the Harmony of the Seas

  1. Create your own drink at the Bionic Bar

The Bionic Bar is not only fascinating, because robots mix your drinks, but because you can even create your own drinks. The bar of the future. You order the drink on a tablet and can choose or create your own drink by selecting the ingredients and let the robots mix it. You can even save your own drinks. Whenever you hold the card back to the tablet, you do not have to search for this mixture again. On a digital display, to the left of the robots, you can see a waiting list with all the mixed cocktails. This activity is fun for the whole family, because there are also great  non-alcoholic cocktails!

  1. Watch the sunset in the Infinity Pool

The two infinity pools are located on deck 15. There is a pool on the left and a pool on the right hand side of the ship. In these cantilevered pools you can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea at sunset and the colorful sky. Here you can relax perfectly.

Whirlpool aboard the Harmony of the Seas

  1. Take a look at the stern at The Ultimate Abyss

“The Ultimate Abyss” slide is located on deck 16 at the stern of the ship. The slides are 66 metres long and end at the boardwalk on deck 6. On deck 16 there are not only exciting slides, but also some colorful chairs, in which one can enjoy the view of the sea. In the evening at sunset you will be almost alone and can enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

Ultimate Abyss at sunset aboard the Harmony of the Seas

Seats aboard the Harmony of the Seas

View from the Ultimate Abyss aboard the Harmony of the Seas

  1. Eat at Jamie’s Italian

The Jamie’s Italian is a specialty restaurant with dishes by Jamie Oliver. Here you can enjoy excellent Italian food. You can choose some antipasti on a wooden plank (the so-called Famous Anti Planks), fresh pasta dishes and a selection of desserts. You only have to pay a cover charge of 30 US dollars per person and can then choose the dishes on the menu. There are Truffles Tagliatelle, Risotto Caprese, Jamie’s Italian Burger and many other great dishes. On the Antipasti planks you can try Fennel Salami, Mortadella with Pistachio, Prosciutto, Pecorino and other Italian treats.

The Famous Anti Plank at Jamie's Italian

Anti Plank at Jamie's Italian aboard the Harmony of the Seas

Desserts at Jamie's Italian aboard Harmony of the Seas

  1. Watch the Grease Musical

On board the Harmony of the Seas you can see the famous musical “Grease”. The music and dances of the show are produced by Royal Caribbean Productions. The Broadway show on a floating stage enchants the guests with a beautiful love story. A great event in the evening and highly recommended!

The Broadway Show Grease aboard the Harmony of the Seas

Grease Musical aboard the Harmony of the Seas

  1. Finish off the evening and watch the Fine Line Aquashow

Late in the evening, usually just before midnight, you can see the fine line water show. In the aqua theater at the stern of the ship, acrobats jump from the heights into the water basin, fly into the air and jump around in the water. An amazing show in the dark, with which one can finish off a nice day on board.

The Fine Line Show aboard the Harmony of the Seas



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