1. September 2016

A Cruise Aboard the Queen Mary 2

A cruise with the Queen Mary 2 – this is a dream for many. Why? Because it is a classic experience. The Queen Mary was already used
4. September 2016

Queen Mary 2 Remastered: Our Impressions

The Queen Mary 2 entered service in January 2004. Cunard therefore decided to renovate the old lady. In May and June 2016, the Queen Mary 2 was
11. September 2016

TOP 15 Activities on Sea Days aboard Queen Mary 2

On sea days on our Norway cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2, we always had good luck with the weather. Bright sunshine and little wind greeted us in
3. October 2016
Troll in Norway

Norway: The Land of the Trolls in 25 Pictures

On our cruise with the Queen Mary 2 we explored the Norwegian fjords and fell in love with the beautiful landscape of Norway. We will show