12. July 2015
Der Hafen von Rhodos

RHODES -island of the Knights of St. John

In Rhodes we arrived early, at 6 clock in the morning. The sun was just rising and bathing the houses in the harbor in a beautiful
12. July 2015
Pyramiden von Kairo mit de Sphinx

Alexandria: The Land of the Pharaons

In the land of the Pharaohs dozens of coaches were already waiting in Alexandria for the arrival of the passengers. On the buildings at the terminal
12. July 2015
Torte beim Neujahrsbuffet von MSC

Exploring Messina: A Deserted Town

Between Alexandria and Messina we had a day at sea, which was especially nice. We had experienced a great New Year’s party on board just a
1. August 2015
Balkon des Kreuzfahrtschiffes Navigator of the Seas Balkonkabiene

Our first cruise with Royal Caribbean

Our first trip with Royal Caribbean. Finally it was time! We had long been looking forward to the American ship and what it would be like: