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16. September 2014
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12. July 2015

RHODES -island of the Knights of St. John

Der Hafen von Rhodos

In Rhodes we arrived early, at 6 clock in the morning. The sun was just rising and bathing the houses in the harbor in a beautiful gold tone. We already saw from the ship the Grand Master’s Palace of the Knights from the 14th century. A beautiful background: an ancient city wall, many small ships and a touch of wonder of the world. And we were even greeted by a band. Very beautiful.

We started walking the road to Rhodes. Therefore we did not need a shore excursion by MSC. Everything is within easy reach.

Altes Boot mit Muscheln im Hafen von Rhodos

Following the trail of the knights in Rhodes

First we followed the trail of the knights! The entire old town is surrounded by a city wall. But you can enter by several gates. The Knight Street (Odos Ippoton) leads from the Platia Moussio up to the Grand Master’s Palace. The steep road up the hill was paved with pebbles. We passed numerous hostels of knights and we were able to see different stone coats of arms.

Das Wahrzeichen von Rhodos auf einem alten Gebäude

Ein Gebäude von der Mittelalterliche Stadt von Rhodos

The entrance to the Grand Master’s Palace was through a huge portal. Again, the floor was covered with pebbles. But the grass was growing like a carpet between the stones and the floor shimmered in a beautiful green. We did not want to pay the entrance fee of 6 Euros to the castle. Instead we preferred to head towards the old town and market.

Antike Ruinen auf Rhodos
We passed the Suleyman Pasha Mosque, from the days of the conquest of the city by Sultan Suleiman I. A Turkish bath also reminded us of that time. We followed the road to the Socrates to the Hippokratesplatz. There is the famous owl fountain. Here some small streets lead off the main street, where you can find many small shops and bars. The area is heavily influenced by tourism and you can get hold of some souvenirs at your leisure. We even bought a very pretty tablecloth with matching napkins in linen with olive motifs. On the adjacent square of the Jewish Martyrs, we also found a beautiful fountain with seahorses.

Zwei Seepferde aus Blech vom Brunnen auf Rhodos

Back we went to the ship … it was a beautiful December day in Greece!

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