Kaffee auf der Balkonkabine der Mein Schiff 4
TOP 10 Activities on Seadays aboard Mein Schiff 4
10. January 2016
Jeeps in der Wüste von Agadir in Marokko
Agadir Part II – An exciting Jeep Tour
17. January 2016

Panoramic tour in Agadir

Kamel in Agadir auf dem Landausflug mit dem Mein Schiff 4

Finally we arrived at our first port! Our first port was Agadir in Morocco. We saw the huge containers and a brown landscape behind the small white houses and the industrial area. Yet nothing could be seen from the magic of the arabic desert. The landscape looked a little disappointing, but we were curious to discover the town. Outside were countless buses and jeeps for the shore excursions of TUI Cruises. Juliet went on a jeep tour to Massa and Janice went on sightseeing in Agadir. Both trips were offered by TUI Cruises.

In Agadir, you also had the opportunity to disembark independently. TUI Cruises provided a fee-based shuttle bus (7 euros per adult and 5 Euro per child) for all who wanted take a trip on their own to Agadir. The first shuttle bus left at 9 am and took 15 minutes to Bijaouane Square. The last shuttle left the city at 5 pm.

Panoramic tour of Agadir and the Medina

Our panoramic tour started at 9:30 am and should lasted 3.5 hours. The tour was a classic tour and had a light difficulty. We started on time and took the bus to our first stop.

Ruins of the fortress

First, we took the bus to the ruins of an ancient Kasbah. Kasbah is the arabic term for a castle or fortress. The bus stopped at the bottom of the fortress. From here we had a great view of Agadir, the beach and the coast. You can also see the far away Atlas Mountains raising up in the sky. The ruin itself was a simple building in brown. Well, not a building, but the remains the earthquake of 1960 had left. Agadir has almost no historic buildings, they were all destroyed. Tens of thousands of people lost their lives in this earthquake. From the parking lot was a steep path of about 150 meters up to the ruins. After some historical insights by the guide we had time to go to the fort and take pictures of the gigantic view over the city and coast.

The ruin was full of stones, the path was uneven and with some stairs. We had the feeling that the earthquake just took place and torn the fortress into pieces. Some people in our group were not able to walk into the ruins. If you want to go see the ruins from inside, we recommend you to wear sturdy shoes. On the way to the ruins and in the ruins there were many merchants and tourist guides who want to sell you something or want to tell you about the history of Agadir, but not for free. If you don’t want to pay for anything, you should not get engaged in any conversation with them. But the view of the industrial port and the mountains makes up for it. It is really an impressive landscape.

Blick auf die Bucht in Agadir in Marokko auf den HafenAusblickspunkt in Agadir auf dem Landausflug in Marokko mit der Mein Schiff 4Blick auf das Atlas Gebirge Agadir in Marokko

Mosque in Talborjt

After visiting the ruins, we took the bus to Agadir and drove through the streets of the city. We learned a lot about the busy life in Agadir, about salaries, rents, living conditions and the history. Our next stop was the mosque Mohammed V. in the new district Talborjt. This stop was also a photo stop. When we went outside the tourist guide told us facts about the mosque. It was built in the sixties after the earthquake. The building was really beautiful and the abundant ornamentation in modern style was pure magic. It was a pity that we could not visit the interior. Only Muslims can enter.

Die Moschee in La Médina d'Agadir in Agadir in Marokko

Medina Polizzi

The penultimate stop was the reconstructed old city of Medina Polizzi. A Moroccan band played music, there was free mint tea and Moroccan pastries to try. This gave us the feeling of having truly arrived in Morocco. Here we had 40 minutes for our own time to stroll through the old town and to buy something. There were sculptures of limestone, leather goods such as shoes or bags and beautiful jewelry. You could pay by credit card or in euro. We bought a small sculpture as a souvenir. The stroll through the narrow streets of the old town was wonderful. There are flat trails and you can take lots of photos of the sand-colored and white buildings. The small shops and the beautiful facades of houses impressed us. That was the charm of Morocco. It was the best stop on the bus tour.

Kunst Skulpturen in Agadir in MarokkoLa Médina d'Agadir in Agadir in Marokko Landausflug mit dem Mein Schiff 4

Beach promenade in Agadir

Our last stop was the bus parking lot on the beach promenade of Agadir. Here we had the opportunity to walk around. We walked around 500 meters from the parking lot to the beach promenade. There were a few restaurants, cafes and small shops. The beach promenade is flat and nicely paved. Easy to walk. In a gift shop we bought a must-have magnet as a souvenir for only 1 Euro. On our way to the beach and on the beach itself were many merchants who wanted to sell us stones or jewelry. The beach was wide, clean and full of unique and wonderful shells. Since we did not have much time we had a only few minutes at the beach before we had to return to the bus. We wanted to stay forever and enjoy the sand underneath our feet.

Muscheln im Sand in Agadir in MarokkoDer Strand von Agadir in Marokko


The Agadir panoramic tour is perfect to get a first impression of the city. You can see a typical fortress, the mighty Atlas Mountains, the charming old town and the beautiful sandy beach. The trip was well organized and the guide was very nice. From our perspective, the trip is also suitable for people who can’t walk very well. It is a good alternative for all who don’t want to go on a long trip but want to get a few impressions of Morocco.


  1. Mareike says:

    Hallo, was hat der Ausflug über TUI gekostet?
    Wir überlegen auch mit TUI eine Kreuzfahrt zu machen wo Agadir dabei ist.
    Viele Grüße aus Niederbayern

    • Juliet says:

      Die Panoramafahrt durch Agadir für 3,5 Stunden kostete 45 Euro für Erwachsene und 32 Euro für Kinder. Die Jeeptour nach Massa für 8 Stunden kostete 89 Euro für Erwachsene und 65 Euro für Kinder. Es sind auch noch viele weitere Ausflüge für Agadir im Angebot. Uns haben die Ausflüge sehr gut gefallen.

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