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26. September 2016
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Norway: The Land of the Trolls in 25 Pictures

Troll in Norway

On our cruise with the Queen Mary 2 we explored the Norwegian fjords and fell in love with the beautiful landscape of Norway. We will show you 25 impressions of our journey to the north. Feel the magic!


A basket full of shrimps with baguette, lemon and majonaise – also called rekekurv. Our absolute favorite food in the port of Oslo. There is no better place to eat fresh shrimps than in Norway with the view of the sea.


There is a lot to see and discover in the capital of the Kingdom of Norway. Directly at the harbor is the town hall. The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony is held every year at this particular city hall. Other famous sights are the Akershus Fortress, the Opera House, the Vigeland Sculpture Park and the Viking Museum.


It is worth to go on deck at dawn. We always had a fascinating view of the fjords and of the first orange sunrays with wonderful reflections in the water.


Every look outside is worth it on this cruise. The high mountains almost disappear in the fog. Only the shading suggests that a path leads through the fjords.


The arrival in Olden is breathtakingly beautiful. Every mountain and every house is reflected in the water. This sight gave us a feeling of calmness and happiness and we were astonished by the beauty of nature.


More wonderful water reflections in the valley of Olden on the way to the Briskdal glacier. For us, Olden is the most beautiful place in Norway.


The tongue of the Briksdal glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park. The glacier lake in the heart of the mountains is an oasis of tranquility. Up here you have to simply enjoy the moment.


There are waterfalls all over the fjords of Norway. In one day they are there and maybe the next day already gone. It is unbelievable how many waterfalls we saw in Norway.


The way to the Briskdal glacier leads past a beautiful river, which becomes a huge waterfall. The air is clear and the landscape is impressive. The small hike is worth it.


The Queen Mary 2 fits well with Olden’s colors. Behind it lie the dark mountains covered in snow. And in front of the ship you can see reflections of the small town.


At the entrance and exit of the fjords you can observe many islands. The ship was slowly steered through the waters. You can observe this beautiful scenery for hours.


There is a big distance between the houses made of wood in the mountains. In a moment you can still see them, then they are covered in the mist, as if they want to hide from the tourists.


The Trollstigen is a serpentine mountan road which passes the steep mountain walls and waterfalls. From the top you have a wonderful view of the 18 km long serpentines.


In Åndalsnes you can hike to the Rampestreken viewing platform on Mount Nesaksla, which is located at a height of 580 meters. Already on the way up you are rewarded with an incredible view of the valley.


In Trondheim you can see the beautiful old wooden storage houses, situated on the river Nidelv. The charm of the 18th century can still be seen in some corners.


The fog floats beside the ship, as if it want to accompany us on our journey.


Finally a troll! Norway is famous for the fairytale trolls. We also found our troll, who travelled with us through Norway.


The Tvindefossen waterfall is awesome, because you can walk up very closely.The water falls down for 152 meters into the valley.


Gudvangen is a small town, surrounded by almost perpendicular mountain walls. Here you can observe countless waterfalls. This place belongs to the most beautiful natural heritage in the world.


In the Hanseviertel Bryggen in Bergen, there is a line of wooden houses, which are reminiscent of the historic trading in the harbor. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway.


Bergen is not only known for the wooden houses, but also for the fish market. Here you can buy fresh fish. It is already prepared on plates for take away or to eat in the harbor. It is a special experience that should not be missed.


Stavanger is an urban city. Here the main source of income is the petroleum industry. A wonderful place to start a tour through the Lysefjord.


During a tour through the Lysefjord you can observe the life of the Norwegians. Many people have a holiday house and a boat, with which you can drive through the fjords.


Above, at the top of the vertical rock wall, is the famous Preikestolen. A natural platform, which can be seen from below only as a small, square protrusion.  This rock wall is over 600 meters high.


A wonderful journey through Norway ended. We collected many beautiful memories on this cruise. A cruise to Norway is definitely recommendable and was one of our best cruise experiences.

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  1. Schreiben sie doch eine kleine Geschichte! Nicht so viele Bilder mehr Text! Sonst toll!

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