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17. August 2015
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MSC Fantasia – Naples By Taxi

Blick auf den Golf von Neapel mit einem Vulkan

Naples- this port offers several great excursions. You can drive to Mount Vesuvius, whose silhouette arouses curiosity when entering the port with the MSC Fantasia. You can drive to the picturesque island of Capri and visit the Blue Grotto there. How to get on your own to Capri, you can learn in our report on Capri (Norwegian Jade). Or you can discover ancient Pompeii. We opted for a tour of  Naples.

We decided to discover Naples. Since, other than expected, only four went  ashore and  it was our first time in Naples, we decided to disembark and then to see what was on offer in the port. When we came out of the terminal, there were already several taxi drivers waiting to pick up passengers. We were approached and addressed in German and English. We had planned to take the bus, but a glance at the map of Naples told us that that way we could discover  only so much; so that, in order to gain a first impression, we decided to take a taxi. A really nice taxi driver (who also was very stubborn) convinced us to go on tour with him. And then we were off through Naples. Our first stop was the Galleria Umberto I.

Einkaufszentrum in Neapel

Blick auf die Decke Innen vom Einkaufszentrum in Neapel

The Historic center of Naples

The Galleria Umberto I is a truly impressive shopping arcade in the heart of old Naples. But it is not any shopping mall, it is the first shopping mall in the world. And it is stunning. High ceilings, lots of glass, angel sculptures, stars, columns ….. just great. Unfortunately, we did not have time to shop. The ride through Naples continued. We roared with our white taxi through the narrow streets of the historic center of Naples. Passing fruit and vegetable stalls, hawkers, small shops and residential buildings. It was like in a movie. The streets were bustling with activity. Unique! We – right in the middle of Naples! On the Piazza Gesu Nuovo we photographed the Obelisk, we marveled at the Chiesa del Geu Nuovo and the Palazzo Reale.


Panoramic views of the Gulf of Naples

Then we wanted to have a panoramic view of  Naples. Well, said and done. Our taxi driver took us into a residential area on one of the hills of Naples. And then there it was. The Bay of Naples was at our feet. The spectacular views of the sea made us fall silent. It was so beautiful! Totally thrilled with our thrilling ride the taxi driver took us back to the ship. A great first impression. We look forward to coming back again.

Blick auf den Golf von Neapel und den Vesuv

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