Balkon des Kreuzfahrtschiffes Navigator of the Seas Balkonkabiene
Our first cruise with Royal Caribbean
1. August 2015
Kreuzfahrtschiffe im Hafen von Kusadasi
Kusadasi: Bazaar experience
5. August 2015

Messina or exploring the Navigator of the Seas

Wochenschild im Aufzug von Kreuzfahrtschiff Navigator of the Seas

Today the Navigator of the Seas stopped  in Messina. It was Monday. So that no one forgets, one could read it on the floor in front of the elevator.

However, since we have been here several times already, it was raining and I was still tired from the journey, we decided to have a Boat Day that day and the following one. Nevertheless, a few tips for visiting Messina.

Kreuzfahrtplan auf dem Kreuzfahrtschiff Navigator of the SeasHafenkarte von Messina

 A few Tipps for Messina

The Navigator of the Seas stopped right near downtown. Diagonally across from the berth was Europcar. So you were very close to a car.

Royal Caribbean offered the following German excursion: Messina, Italy: Taste of Sicily: Mt. Etna and Taormina (7.5 hours, Adults $ 89 Children $ 58).

On this trip we went to Mount Etna and the Silvestri crater, on whose edge you could do cross-country hiking. Then you still had 1.5 hours free time in Toarmina. Basically, you can also walk to Messina, there is a wonderful walk into town, enjoy the Italian flair and e.g. climb the bell tower of the Cathedral. For shore leave on your own, but very suitable for information was the wonderful leaflet on port and shopping, supplied free of charge by Royal Caribbean. On page 1 there was general information about Sicily, a minimap to Messina and attractions in Messina, as well as advice on local customs, the national currency, the nearest post office, tourist information, transport and some useful Italian words. On page 2 and 3, there was a map of Taormina, a description of things to do and see there and shopping tips for Taormina and Etna.

You can read more about Messina on our other post.

Exploring the Navigator of the Seas

We explored the nearly empty vessel and discovered much: There was a climbing wall, a basketball court, an arcade room, the Johnny Roket Cafe, the ice rink, a fantastic pool area with lots of great couches and plenty of bars and restaurants.

Chania KretaRoyal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas ClimbeKreuzfahrtCruiseUnfortunately, all sporting activities were out for me due to the crutches. Next time perhaps….


We looked at the Promenade with the Cafe Promenade. It was open 24 hours for drinking and eating. Everything included. So here you could get coffee, tea, ice tea and snacks round the clock. The snacks changed depending on the time of day. There were cookies, pizza, sandwiches and sweets. The coffee tasted very good, incidentally. Definitely a good alternative for the ones,who love a nice coffee in the afternoon.

Cruise InsideRestaurant

On the boardwalk there were the stairs to the casino, too. And you had the opportunity to look at the bridge. And the buffet at the Garden Cafe had a sushi corner. Fantastic! 

bridgeCruise Buffet

We went back into the cabin to rest and read, because tonight was the Captain’s Welcome Aboard Reception. A formal reception for all guests. “Formal” means suit or tuxedo and evening gown (or suit or combined) in the restaurant. Many males on board wore tuxedos. At least, the percentage was significantly higher than on European ships. Not everyone’s cup of tea, we thought it nice. The captain’s reception was at 19:30 h on the promenade deck. There was for everyone a glass of sparkling wine and the captain introduced himself. At 19:30 h you were able to have your picture taken with Captain Eric.

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