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30. July 2016
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Mallorca: 25 Pictures of Our Favorite Island

Palme auf Mallorca

Mallorca is our absolutely favorite island and we want to show you 25 pictures of what the island has to offer. Mallorca does not only offer sun, beach and great ocean views. Mallorca is also about really good food, beautiful cities and a fantastic mountain scenery. Look at our pictures and maybe you will get in the mood to spend the next holiday on our favorite island.

Palm trees, palm trees, palm trees. All over the island you will find these beautiful plants. They move in the roaring wind, give you some shade when the sun gets too hot and simply look nice. When we see palm trees, we are already in a holiday mood!

Die Kathedrale von Palma de Mallorca

The Palma Cathedral is located close to the port. It is also called “La Seu” and is definitely worth a visit. We especially recommend you to visit the church on Christmas Eve.

Der Plaza Mayor in Palma

The Plaza Mayor is the heart of the old town of Palma. This square is surrounded by buildings from the 14th century. From here you can explore the streets of the old town in all directions. There are countless small shops and cafes that invite you to stroll and take a break.

Das Café Can Joan de S'Aigo in Palma

Can Joan de S’Aigo is our favorite cafe in Palma. This cafe has been around for over 300 years and an absolute must! Everything is still self-made, without any chemical additives. It is located very close to the Plaza Mayor.

Ensaimadas und Eis im Can Joan de S'Aigo

In the cafe Can Joan de S’Aigo you can eat the tastiest ice cream in town and some great ensaimadas! The ensaimada is a typical fried pastry from Mallorca that you should definitely try. We can also recommend the almond ice cream and the “Leche Merengada” ice cream with lemon and cinnamon. An ice cream costs 1.50 euros and an ensaimada depending on the filling costs about 1-2 euros.

Weg zur Promenade in Son Verí Nou

There are beautiful places on Mallorca like in Son Veri Nou, which is located close to El Arenal. Son Verí Nou invites you to a wonderful walk and we recommend you to stroll along the promenade next to the ocean. This promenade connects the Club Nautico in Arenal and reaches up to Cala Blava, where you can go to a wonderful beach.

Aussichtspunkt an der Promenade in Son Verí Nou

This viewpoint on the promenade in Son Verí Nou is a great place to relax. Here you can enjoy the view of the bay of El Arenal. You can even see the southwest of the island and watch the cruise ships pass by.

Strand auf Mallorca

We love the beaches and the refreshing ocean on Mallorca. At the beach you can relax and spend the day in the sun. You should go to the beach in the morning, when it is not too hot.

Strand Es Trenc auf Mallorca

If you want to spend a great day at the beach, you should go to Sa Rapita. There is the beautiful and clean beach Es Trenc. There are many dunes and you can take long walks on the beach. At the Club Nautico you can park all day long for 6 euros. Right next to the Club Nautico are also some cheaper parking lots.

Tren de Sóller von Palma nach Sóller

If you want to experience something different, you should take the train from Palma to Sóller. It is a historic train that runs daily for over 100 years from Palma to Sóller. The “Tren de Soller” runs 5 times a day and costs for 16 euros in one direction. It is a magical route and a nostalgic experience.

Aussicht auf der Fahrt von Palma nach Sóller

On the way from Palma to Sóller by train you can enjoy some great views. The path leads past olive trees, sheep, through several tunnels and over a bridge with stone arches (Viaduct Monreal).

Orangenbäume auf dem Weg nach Port de Sóller

When you arrive in Sóller, you can take the historic tram to Port de Sóller. The ride takes you past some orange trees. Orange and lemon trees can be admired in many places of Mallorca.

Valldemossa auf Mallorca

Another wonderful city on Mallorca is Valldemossa. The picturesque village is located in an altitude of 400 meters in the west of the island. In its center is a pretty church and in the background one can observe the mountain scenery.

Gassen in Valldemossa mit bunten Blumentöpfen

The alleys in Valldemossa are simply enchanting. Everywhere are colorful plates and flower pots hanging house facades or fences. Even the composer Frédéric Chopin was enchanted by this village and stayed here for about three and a half months with his lover.

Brot mit Serrano und Empanada auf Mallorca

As soon as you get hungry, you should buy a bread with Serrano (Spanish ham) and a delicious empanada (stuffed pastry) in the nearest bakery. The breads are always rubbed with tomato and garlic. You can buy empanadas with various fillings such as meat and peas.

Straßen auf Mallorca

On the streets of Mallorca you pass olive trees, almond trees and you will always see mountains somewhere in the background. The island is a wonderful place to explore with a rental car.

Blick über die Dächer von Artà

The view over the roofs of Artà invites you to dream. You can enjoy the best view from the Sanctuary Santuari de San Salvador. The municipality of Artà lies in the northeast of the island.

Die Mauern der Wehranlage S’Almudaina d’Artà

Within the walls of the fortress of Arta you can walk around and enjoy the city views. The weir system S’Almudaina d’Arta probably originated in the time of the Arab conquest in the 10th century.

Café Sant Salvador in Artà auf Mallorca

At the Sanctuary Santuari de San Salvador you can try a delicious piece of cake. In the cafe you can buy homemade cakes which taste fantastic. For example, the Spanish almond cake, also called Gató, is particularly nice.

Die Steilküsten von Capdepera und Cala Ratjada

The cliffs around Cala Ratjada are located in the northeast of the island. Here you can enjoy the wonderful views of the deep blue sea that extends to the horizon.

Der Leuchtturm Faro de Capdepera

At the north east coast of Mallorca is the Faro de Capdepera. This pretty lighthouse was built in 1861 and is the easternmost point of the island. It is surrounded by steep cliffs and the ocean.

Cala Ratjada in Mallorca

In the former fishing village of Cala Ratjada you can sit in a cafe and enjoy the view of the ocean and the cliffs. The place is surrounded by some beautiful beaches and is a popular tourist resort on Mallorca.

Das Grillrestaurant Sa Farinera auf Mallorca

A great place for a relaxing dinner in a cozy and rustic atmosphere is the restaurant Sa Farinera. It is the oldest grill restaurant on Mallorca has a more than a hundred year old mill. The old windmills are a symbol of the island.

Brot mit Aioli im Grillrestaurant Sa Farinera auf Mallorca

The Grill Restaurant Sa Farinera offers as a starter grilled bread and aioli (garlic mayonnaise). On Mallorca you traditionally eat toasted bread rubbed with fresh tomatoes. Then you drizzle some olive oil on the bread and spread some aioli on it.

Sonnenuntergang auf der Insel Mallorca

Sunsets on Mallorca are always a wonderful experience. In summer you can sit with friends on the beach until night and watch the sun set over the ocean.

We have shown you 25 beautiful photos of Mallorca and hope that you want to visit our favorite island! Here are all the places:


If you have some other favorite places on Mallorca let us know and drop a comment!



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    Was für ein wunderschöner Blogbeitrag:-) Ich glaube, ich sollte Mallorca doch nochmal eine Chance geben (hab ja im April Gelegenheit dazu). Die Eisenbahn ist ein toller Tipp:-) Wie lange dauert die Fahrt nach Sòller?

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