La Gomera – Small Island Tour

Naturlandschaft von La Gomera

La Gomera was our last port on our cruise with the Mein Schiff 4 before our return to Gran Canaria. La Gomera is a wonderful green island of the Canary Islands. We were curious to see what La Gomera has to offer and decided to go on two different island excursions of TUI Cruises: The big island tour and the small island tour. The small island tour lasted for 3.5 hours including a coffee break and was offered in the morning and in the afternoon. We decided to take the tour in the afternoon. So we had plenty of time in the morning to discover the harbor.

Der Hafen von La Gomera San Sebastian mit FähreAnkunft des Kreuzfahrtschiffes Mein Schiff 4 auf La Gomera in San Sebastian

Around the harbor

The Mein Schiff 4 was anchored in the port of San Sebastian, the capital of La Gomera. From the berth to the beach of San Sebastian it took us about 10 minutes to walk. Unfortunately, there was no bus, so we had to take a walk. Right at the port are several car rental counters in a small hall. If you already booked a rental car at home, you can get the keys for the car here.

arrival La Gomera San Sebastian

At the end of the port is a long promenade. If you walk along this promenade, you will pass a small port. Opposite there were souvenir shops and a petrol station. In one of the souvenir shops we bought a magnet of La Gomera, so that we don’t forget to buy one on the way back. If you continue to follow the promenade, you will reach the black sand beach of San Sebastian. From the beach were able to take great photos of the cruise ship and the pretty little harbor.

Das Kreuzfahrtschiff Mein Schiff 4 im Hafen bei La GomeraStrand auf La Gomera bei San Sebastian

Der Hafen von San Sebastian auf La GomeraOn the promenade was a beautiful mosaic of the journey of Christopher Columbus with the Hispaniola. Christopher Columbus stopped at La Gomera on his way across the Atlantic ocean. We enjoyed the little walk and did not proceed to the city center. We wanted to return to the ship to be early for our small island tour. The city of San Sebastian is directly opposite the sandy beach. So also in walking distance and very easy to reach.

We wanted to enjoy a small lunch at the Gosch Sylt Restaurant before we leave for the island tour, so we went back to the ship. This time we walked on the quay. From here you have a wonderful view of the harbor, the sea and the Mein Schiff 4. Back on board we enjoyed our last lunch on deck in the amazing seafood restaurant Gosch Sylt with a fabulous view of the sea and the port of San Sebastian.

 Gosch Sylt Mein Schiff 4 Das Restaurant Gosch Sylt auf dem Kreuzfahrtschiff Mein Schiff 4

The small island tour

The small island tour started at the port. So you had to walk to the bus and then we went by bus to San Sebastian over the serpentines up a few feet from the ship. The bus will continue to follow the winding roads during the whole trip, so if you feel sick while driving serpentines, you should rather not book this tour. During the excursion some passengers had nausea. Unfortunately, it was very foggy that day and the view through the mountains of La Gomera was somewhat limited during the journey . Nevertheless, one could clearly see how diverse the flora of La Gomera is. Our first stop was in front of a tunnel, here you could have a look into the valley and see the variety of plants of La Gomera. On some plants we saw red lice. The guide told us that they use the color of the lice as food coloring.
Flora La Gomera

After this brief stop we drove through the hillsides with vineyards and banana plantations. At Mirador Rejos we stopped next. Unfortunately we could not see as far as Tenerife because of the mist, but we enjoyed a great view of the beach, into the valley and of the old container bridges on the coast.

view La Gomera

banana plantation Mein Schiff 4

Next, we drove to the National Park of La Laguna. Here we had the opportunity to walk through the forest to make a stop at a bar. The path through the laurel forest was very impressive. In the bar we were able to get a free coffee or cocoa, the drink was included in the tour. In addition, there was the possibility to try a sip of Canarian Rum for € 2.50. Of course we had to try that. The rum is very mild and tasty. Of course, you can buy a bottle of rum in the bar, but we advise you to buy one at the airport. You can also buy the rum at the duty-free shop, where you can get also 500 ml and 1 liter bottles and you don’t have to take it with you on the ship.

Naturlandschaft auf La Gomera mit LorbeergewächsenArehucas Ron von La Gomera

After this break we drove back to San Sebastian. On the way we stopped at the rock formation Los Roques. Unfortunately, it was so foggy that you could hardly see anything. The next two photo stops were unfortunately lost in the fog. Therefore we could neither see Roque de Sombrero nor Roque Blanco very well. Very unfortunate. Then we went back to the ship. We enjoyed the small island tour very much. The small island tour gives a good impression of the diverse flora. The excursion is long enough to get a feeling of the island and you still have the opportunity to explore San Sebastian or at least get a glimpse of the city.

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