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26. June 2016
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Little Guide for the Afternoon aboard the Eurodam

After a beautiful morning in Gibraltar, we spent the first afternoon at sea and wanted to explore the cruise ship. Under a bright blue sky, the Eurodam made its way to Cadiz and we were curious to find out what is offered on board. What did we do and what was offered in the daily program?

Tonic Water Eurodam Balkonkabine

Top 5 Activities aboard the Eurodam

  1. Enjoy the sun on deck
    The Eurodam continued its way to Cadiz through the Strait of Gibraltar. So we could see at the same time Europe and Africa from the panorama deck on deck 12. With blue skies and sunshine this sight is a unique experience. You could find towels for the pool in the white cabinet on the side. There were plenty of blue towels and we could also dispose our used towels at this place.Eurodam Deck 3 Sunbeds Our favorite sunbeds were on deck 3, the promenade deck. On both sides of the ship are wooden sunbeds with thick and super comfortable cushions. We had a wonderful view of the ocean and it was very quiet. Some sunbeds were always available and we could relax very well. Depending on which side of the ship you were, you could only see Europe of Africa.Eurodam Deck 3 Sonnenliegen
  2. The Art of Towel Animal Folding
    In the afternoon there was also the opportunity to learn the art of towel animal folding. Two of the cabin stewards showed and explained how to fold the cute towel animals, that surprise you every evening in your cabin. As we have already seen these folding shows a number of times, we attended the Dutch tea instead. If you have never seen a presentation on the art of towel folding, you should stop by for sure. After you have seen that and you know how to fold those animals, you can quite easily rebuild the towel animals at home.Towel Animal ElephantEurodam Towel Animal Rabbit
  3. Dutch Tea in the Afternoon
    Our highlight was the Dutch tea. This afternoon event took place on deck 3 in the Dining Room. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were led to a beautifully set table. We met very nice Americans at our table. The Dutch tea on the Eurodam was very classy. The waiter served us with white gloves on silver trays. You could take scones with clotted cream, small canapes with salmon, salami or ham and lots of pastries, cookies and eclairs . The Dutch Tea time is a real feast and actually replaces lunch. However, it is really stylish and a great experience that takes place only twice during the cruise. The other tea event was an Indonesian Tea on our seaday.Eurodam Niederländischer TeeEurodam Tea EventEurodam Dutch TeaEurodam Afternoon Tea
  4. Photography Courses
    You could choose between three different photography courses that afternoon. The following was offered : ” The world through a camera lens” with the hotel director, ” Take pictures like a pro” with the team of the Photo Gallery and “Get creative and design pop art photos”. These photography courses are a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts.
  5. Happy Hour and Bar Offers
    On this day the second gala evening took place, therefore we wanted to start the evening with a cocktail in one of the 10 bars and searched in the daily program for a nice offer. We recommend you to check the English program, because the German program was not always complete. Every afternoon you could choose between various happy hour and cocktail offers in different bars. Regarding these offers, we will give you some more details and some useful information and tips.

Happy Hour aboard the Eurodam

Mostly there was a 2 for 1 happy hour. This meant that you got each ordered drink twice and for the second drink $ 1 is charged. This offer was for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, so for all cocktails, beers, wines, soft drinks, water etc. This is great if you are not alone and both fancy the same drink.

Bar Offers

  1. Atrium Bar on Deck 1
    At 5 pm in the Atrium Bar on deck 1 you could enjoy the Martini Madness. Here we got any cocktail that fits into a martini glass for $ 4. This is a funny offer that you should definitely try. The atmosphere of the bar is not so great because it has no windows and we felt a bit uncomfortable in the atrium. But that is a matter of taste.
  2. Gallery Bar on Deck 2
    Also in the Gallery Bar you could get cocktails for $ 4 at 5 pm. In addition, this bar offered daily a 2 for 1 happy hour from 9 to 10 pm. The Gallery Bar is really nice.There were large armchairs and sofas surrounded by walls with many paintings. Although there are no windows, the bar is very cosy and nice.Eurodam Gallery Bar Happy Hour
  3. Ocean Bar on Deck 3
    The Ocean Bar on deck 3 is located directly on the way to the Main Dining Room and offers a happy hour from 4 to 5 pm. Once we enjoyed a cocktail there at 5 pm and spent the time in the bar until we went to eat dinner.
  4. Crow’s Nest on Deck 11
    The bar Crow’s Nest offered twice a day a happy hour. One happy hour was from 4 to 5 pm and the other was from 10 to 11 pm. This bar has large windows. Here you have a fantastic panoramic view of the ocean and of the cruise ship. Wonderful!Crow's Nest Happy Hour CocktailsEurodam Crow's Nest Happy Hour RechnungEurodam Crow's Nest Bar

Pre-Dinner Event of the Culinary Arts-Center

Of course there were more bars on the Eurodam, but there were no other happy hours offers. However, we can highly recommend you the culinary bar event in the afternoon. On several evenings there was the possibility to attend a pre-dinner event at 5 pm of the Culinary Arts Center. For example there was an event in the Tamarind Bar on Deck 11 where you could taste a selection of sushi for $ 5. On the day we were in Malaga there was an event in the Pinnacle Bar on deck 2, where you could taste peppers and chicken appetizers with a glass of wine for $ 5 at 5 pm. These events were are listed in the daily program.


We hope that this small guide helps you to find a suitable offer for you tp spend a great afternoon on board the Euodam. You can read more about the spa seminars, photo courses and other activities in our following blog post about how to spend a day at sea aboard the Eurodam. There is always so much to try that we can not do half of what we have in mind in the morning. For us it was definitely a great morning in Gibraltar and a nice afternoon on board. We spent a great evening at the second gala dinner and tried some nice culinary highlights such as foie gras, surf and turf (lobster and steak) and delicious tiramisu.

Eurodam Gala DInnerEurodam Gala Dinner SoupEurodam Gala Dinner Foie Gras with Apple Tarte TartinEurodam Gala Dinner Surf and TurfEurodam Gala Dinner Pinnacle CrispEurodam Gala Dinner Tiramisu

After this delicious dinner we were full and happy to go to bed. We had a wonderful cruise day.


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  1. Gudrun Bargon says:

    Dieser Beitrag war der erste, den ich gelesen habe. Toll!! Leider fahren wir nicht auf der Eurodam, aber ich nehme an, dass die anderen Schiffe der Holland-Amerika Reederei auch schön sind. Die Fotos waren toll! Sehr launig geschrieben die Kommentare.
    Ein großes Lob aus Bonn!

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