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7. August 2015
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7. August 2015

Jade in Naples- how to get to Capri

Blick auf die Bucht von Capri von Neapel

In Naples we had already taken a taxi around the city once. Therefore, it was to be a trip to Capri this time. On the webpage of Capri Tourism I had found all the necessary information and we had decided to book a high-speed ferry from Naples to Capri (50 min. ride). Since there are often large crowds for this ferry, I had booked the tickets for us 6 in advance online. The procedure was a little odd, but it worked out alright.

The ferry to Capri

The ferry is quite easy to find. Just a few meters to the left from the ship there was the ferry dock -Molo Beverello. There were several seats and a display, which showed when exactly which ferry was to arrive and to depart. Here you had to be careful that you were in the correct queue for the ship you wanted. Then we left.

Überfahrt mit der Fähre von Neapel nach Capri

After a beautiful sunny crossing we arrived at Capri. The ferry landed at the pier in the harbor. There were a few restaurants and souvenir shops, but we were aiming high and therefore we went directly to the cable car in the city to get to Capri.

Blick auf die Promenade von Capri von der Fähre

Cable car ride

The cable car ride was magical. At our feet lay the azure sea, to the left and to the right, the white houses of Capri and rivaled the lush pink blossoms on the bushes next to the funicular. There is nothing more picturesque anywhere. I would have liked to travel up and down all day. The view was just great. But we also wanted to discover Capri. And of course: Even from up here the view down was a dream.

Blick auf die Insel CapriBlick von der Seilbahn auf Capri

The city itself lured us with nice houses in white, many restaurants and small shops. I am getting a little ecstatic when I remember this. We first went to the right, followed the small street and strolled down to the shops. Then back again. The small alleys between the houses, twisting and curving up the mountain were magic. The male part of our group was more drawn into the Bar Funicolare overlooking Capri and the sea. We women explored the streets. Here you could buy candy to your heart’s desire, pasta and limonene. A magnetic souvenir found its way into my pocket. time flew by and we had to go back to the cable car. We enjoyed the ride downhill and took the catamaran back to Naples. A wonderful day. And the red sun was sinking into the sea …

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