Haute Cuisine Aboard the MS EUROPA 2

Gedeckter Tisch mit Blick auf das Meer im Restaurant Elements an Bord der MS EUROPA 2

Good food is a very important part of a cruise. To fulfill the gourmet expectations of the passengers, cruise ships offer a variety of specialty restaurants. However, specialty restaurants usually have a surcharge. Aboard the MS EUROPA 2 you can eat in seven gourmet restaurants, which are all offered without any surcharge.

We were lucky enough to try one of these restaurants every evening on our four-day trip. Unfortunately we had only four not seven evenings on board, but we tried five of the restaurants during our cruise. Follow us on our culinary trip aboard the MS EUROPA 2:

Yacht Club: Food Pleasure with an Open-Air Experience

The Yacht Club on Deck 9 offers everything you need for a relaxed and informal dining experience. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is an amazing buffet with live cooking stations and a wide selection of dishes. There is an indoor and outdoor area at the yacht club. The interior is characterized by blue colors, while the exterior is quite plain in beige colors.

After the long journey on our first day we wanted to try a snack in the yacht club with sea view. We were lucky and got a table outside. There is almost always a free table in the sun with a view of the harbor or the sea.

The buffet impresses with an incredible food selection. It offers fresh salads, crab, lobster, fish specialties, a grill station, antipasti, pasta and much more.

The dessert variations are fantastic too. There is even an ice bar with liqueurs and toppings. After we took a salad and some sushi, we threw our healthy intentions overboard. We tasted the ice cream with Baileys, the wonderful fresh chocolates and the cake. It felt like heaven! We enjoyed some really good food and the sea view.

Breakfast in the Yacht Club:

We came back the next day to try the breakfast buffet in the Yacht Club. There was Kombucha tea, eggs, cereals and fruits as well as fish, cheese and sausage specialties. Coffee specialties and tea from Ronnefeldt are also included, just like the fresh orange juice in the morning. You can also enjoy an Actimel. Unfortunately, we did not try everything that was offered at the breakfast buffet. But also the breakfast on our veranda was wonderful.

Two tips for the Yacht Club:

  1. If you eat at the Yacht Club in the evening, you will be greeted every evening There is a caviar night at the Yacht Club on Thursdays. They offer plenty of caviar, oysters and lobster. A real dinner highlight that you should not miss.

Elements: An Asian Dinner Experience

This restaurant is located on deck 4 behind the reception. Wonderful earth tones and patterns take you back to Asia. Shortly after you sit down, you are greeted with a hot towel and green tea. Welcome in East Asia.

We were able to choose between Indian, Vietnamese and traditional Chinese cuisine. We tasted the dinner specialty, the Som Tam – roasted lobster pieces on carrot and papayas with tamarind dressing and the duck.

By the way: in every restaurant you can enjoy a sorbet as intermediate course, which is filled up with champagne or vodka. Ice cold, without surcharge and in silver cups. We loved it filled up with champagne and vodka, because it was a great refreshment.

Serenissima: La Dolce Vita

We love fresh pasta and were looking forward to an evening at Serenissima. This restaurant offers Italian culinary delights of Ligurian and Neapolitan cuisine. The ambience is rather puristic. Clear shapes and subtle white and beige tones are highlighted with noble details in a bright green tone. Imposing green chandeliers hang from the ceiling and green water glasses decorate the white table linen.

As an appetizer you can try various types of bread with butter and tapenades or olive oil. Then you can choose your dishes from the menu. The Italian principle of sharing that we know from the Jamie’s Italian aboard the Harmony of the Seas or the Canaletto aboard the Eurodam is not offered in this restaurant. In the Serenissima you can enjoy a classic Italian dinner experience without any distraction. We tasted the antipasti and the homemade pasta. The ravioli with fresh truffles were really fantastic. Also the lobster on artichokes was a real pleasure. Our Italian dinner came to an end with a ball of Italian ice cream: That must be la dolce vita!

Sakura: Sushi from the Land of the Rising Sun

The Japanese restaurant Sakura is located on deck 9 directly next to the Yacht Club. As we entered the Sakura, it was bathed in a golden light by the sun. A marvelous sight, which became even more beautiful in the evening, when the sun was setting. The design in light tones with lilac chairs and Asian lamps is very modern and inviting. Further back in the restaurant, some of the seating areas are even partitioned by walls, which offer a great deal of privacy to enjoy the sushi and the sea view.

In the Sakura one can choose between sashimi, nigiri and maki varieties as well as inside-out-roles. We enjoyed a selection of everything and were in sushi heaven

Tarragon: Feast like a King in France

The Tarragon is a French restaurant, which is connected directly to the Grand Réserve, the wine bar on board. We can already imagine that an exclusive dinner experience accompanied by fine wines awaits us in this restaurant. Wonderful works of art decorate the tiled walls. Beside the bright tones of the chairs, tables and walls, the green columns and benches immediately catch your eye.

On our last night aboard the MS EUROPA 2 we dined in this restaurant. We enjoyed scallop mussels, lamb fillet, lobster and a chocolate tart with liquid core! In the end, we ordered a Ronnefeldt tea and tasted the chocolates, which were presented on a two-tiered platter.

By the way: In the Grand Réserve you can enjoy a wine tasting with surcharge and also dine from the Tarragon menu with a group of 12 people. Exquisite wine bottles from different regions decorate the walls. The large and small champagne bottles at the bar counter already give a hint that an exclusive champagne tasting is offered here too. You will learn more about the champagne tasting later in an upcoming post.

Weltmeere: The Main Restaurant

The restaurant Weltmeere is the main restaurant on board the MS EUROPA 2. Here, just like in the Yacht Club, no special reservation is needed. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to dine in this restaurant. We would like to give you an impression of the restaurant with our pictures. And who knows, maybe we get the chance to try the restaurant on another trip aboard this cruise ship.

We hope that you liked our small culinary trip aboard the MS EUROPA 2. If you are on board, or will soon be on board: enjoy your meal!


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  1. Hi ihr beiden. Ein wirklich schöner Bericht mit tollen Bildern! Danke dafür! Und das Essen sah nicht nur lecker aus, sondern schmeckte auch so gut :D Lieben Gruß, Miriam

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