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Alexandria: The Land of the Pharaons
12. July 2015
Balkon des Kreuzfahrtschiffes Navigator of the Seas Balkonkabiene
Our first cruise with Royal Caribbean
1. August 2015

Exploring Messina: A Deserted Town

Torte beim Neujahrsbuffet von MSC

Between Alexandria and Messina we had a day at sea, which was especially nice. We had experienced a great New Year’s party on board just a few days ago and that day we were to be reminded again that we now were in 2010. During the day we rested, walked about the ship and in the evening we danced in the various bars and lounges. The New Year was celebrated at midnight with a great buffet Magnifique.

There was everything the heart desires: Eclairs, Maccarons, filled cream puffs, and tarts! Wonderful !! And the carved figures made of fruit were just amazing!

MSC Gala DinnerMSC Gala BuffetKreuzfahrt Gala Dinner

Our day in Messina

The next day we were then fully recovered in Messina. Unfortunately the weather was very cloudy that day and we were surprised that hardly any people were in the street s.

Blick auf die Skyline von Messina So we strolled over squares and shopping streets and found that not a single shop was open and there was hardly a local to be seen. Well, after we had moved on and asked someone, it turned out that that day was a holiday in Messina! Oh my … what a pity! So we looked at the cathedral of Messina, climbed the many steps leading up to the bell tower and bought, having reached the bottom again, a pretty scarf from one of the sellers. Not in a shop! The sellers were strolling across the square with the scarves over their arms, waiting for tourist prey. Well, I would say, a win-win situation! We were disappointed by the empty streets and were glad to get hold of a little souvenir and the seller had finally got rid of a few of his scarves. This by the way still keeps its shape till today (2015!) and has not pulled a thread or lost color!

Der Dom von Messina mit Goldenen Figuren Next we passed the Galeria Vittorio Emanuele III, which was unfortunately closed. Right next to it there was a beautiful park with huge gum trees with roots sticking out of the air toward the floor.
Ein Gummibaum in der Innenstadt von MessinaThen we went on to the Piazza Municipio. From there you had a wonderful view of the MSC Fantasia and we also were looking forward to the evening on the ship. !

Kreuzfahrtschiff im Hafen vom Messina Messina is certainly very nice if there is no holiday. This we probably have to check on the next cruise!

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