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7. December 2015
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10. December 2015

Excursion on the island of São Miguel and Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada on São Miguel Island was our first port after six wonderful days at sea. It was exciting to finally get back to land. In addition, it was our first visit to the Azores and we were very excited to see the island. We already sat on our balcony early in the morning to watch the sun rise over the city. We were looking forward to take a trip around the island and to explore Ponta Delgada.

We had our breakfast on our balcony to watch the awakening of the city. Unfortunately, it was not as warm as expected, but with a jacket it was no problem to sit outside. From our balcony we could see the typical white houses and behind the town the green mountains and fields. It looked exactly as in the travel guide.

Good Morning Ponta Delgada AzorenThe city was still very quiet and sleepy. If you want to discover Sao Miguel you can walk to the city center of Ponta Delgada or you can explore the island by taxi or bus. We had decided to go on a trip offered by the cruise line. After breakfast we got ready to take a few more pictures of the island from the sundeck before the trip started. Later on we wanted to explore Ponta Delgada on foot.

Hafen Ponta Delgada AzorenHafen Azoren

Scenic Tour to Sete Cidades

We had booked a short trip: a scenic tour to Sete Cidades. There were two photo stops planned and then back to the ship, so we had plenty of time to stroll through Ponta Delgada afterwards. Our bus trip started with a drive through the beautiful greenery of the island of São Miguel. Our first stop was a viewpoint overlooking the blue Lago Azul and the Lago Verde right beside it. When the sun shines on the lakes, the lakes show a different color. The one is blue (Lago Azul) and the other green (Lago Verde). Unfortunately, it was not at an exceptionally sunny day. The lakes showed no major differences in color, but it we had a really impressive view down on the two large lakes. It is really worth looking at. Then our journey continued. On the bus we were told the sad love story relating to the two lakes. One lake evolved from the tears of a princess, the other one from the tears of a shepherd, hence the different colors of the lakes.

Azoren KönigsblickGrüne Felder Sao Miguel

Return to Ponta Delgada

Our next stop gave us an opportunity to take pictures of the island’s green widths. Then we went back to Ponta Delgada. In Ponta Delgada, we got off the bus and walked to the market hall. There we looked at the typical products of the Azores: Birds of Paradise, the flowers of the Azores, the small round pineapples and other fruits in the market. The market hall is quite small, but very nice. From there we walked into town. Unfortunately you always have to walk uphill, but it’s not really far to the other attractions. We looked at the city gate “Portas da Cidade” and strolled through the streets.

Ponta DelgadaStadttor _Portas do da Cidade“Ananas Markthalle Ponta Delgada Then we went back to the ship. Next stop: Lisbon.


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