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1. September 2016
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11. September 2016

Queen Mary 2 Remastered: Our Impressions

The Queen Mary 2 entered service in January 2004. Cunard therefore decided to renovate the old lady. In May and June 2016, the Queen Mary 2 was left for refurbishment in the dry dock at Blohm + Voss in Hamburg for 25 days. A total of approximately 100 million euros were invested in the renovation and the result is quite impressive.


What is new aboard the Queen Mary 2?

  1. 50 new cabins

Overall, 50 new cabins were built during the renovation. These include 15 Britannia single cabins for solo travelers on deck 2 and 3L, 30 additional Britannia Club Balcony cabins and 5 Britannia inside cabins on deck 13.

  1. A new and modern design

The whole cruise ship got new carpets. Altogether there were more than 40,000 square meters of carpet laid. In addition, more than 6,500 new pieces of furniture were brought on board and more than 4,000 new images hung. In the Grand Lobby, the glass elevators were removed and they laid a new colorful carpet with a starburst design. The lobby gives an open, elegant and very modern impression.

Grand Lobby Queen Mary 2

The Kings Court buffet restaurant was completely rebuilt and refurbished. The buffet area is now more open, bright and modern. Instead buffet islands there are central areas and in some places you get served behind the counters. For example, you can’t take cheese at the cheese counter yourself, but you will be served. The pieces of cheese are all cut right in front of you.

Kings Court Buffet Queen Mary 2

Kings Court Buffetrestaurant Queen Mary 2

The Princess and Queens Grill suites have all been renovated to meet today’s demands of luxury and comfort. The 172 suites have been refurbished and redesigned to offer more space and a modern design. The associated restaurants were also rebuilt. Now there are many more for two and there is more space. The atmosphere is quiet and more private. There are also new menus.

Princess Grill Queen Mary 2

Queens Grill Queen Mary 2

  1. New bars and restaurants

The Sir Samuel’s is home to the first Godiva chocolate café on board a ship. Here you can buy the chocolate of the famous Belgian chocolatier as well as hot drinks with chocolate, cake and ice cream. You can also purchase gift boxes with fine chocolates on board. A box of 6 chocolates costs incl. taxes $ 10.64. And every night you will find a Godiva chocolate on your bed inside your cabin.

Godiva Chocolatier Queen Mary 2

Godiva Auswahl Queen Mary 2

Godiva Eiscreme Queen Mary 2

The former Todd English has been replaced with the French specialty restaurant The Verandah. The first Verandah Grill restaurant was built in 1936 on the first Queen Mary cruise ship. This restaurant is also available aboard the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria. You can eat lunch and dinner in this restaurant for an extra charge. You can read more in our restaurant review soon on our blog. The restaurant is decorated with art works with circus motifs. Here are some impressions of the elegant design of the restaurant:

The Verandah Queen Mary 2

The Verandah restaurant aboard Queen Mary 2

The Carinthia Lounge on deck 7 was formerly the Winter Garden. The Carinthia Lounge is one of the public areas and reminds you of the Carinthia Cunard ships. Here you can get special snacks in the afternoon and many coffee specialties by illy caffè. In the evening the Carinthia Lounge offers a unique collection of Port wines. Read more about this in our next blog post. The lounge is decorated in an elegant manner, like the rest of the cruise ship. Many chairs and sofas invite you to relax and have a drink.

Carinthia Lounge Queen Mary 2

Carinthia Lounge Snack Queen Mary 2

  1. For your dog

On deck 12, they built 10 additional kennels. Thus there are a total of 22 kennels for pets on board. There is also a streetlight from Liverpool and a fire hydrant from New York to go for a walk. Thus, British and American dogs on board can feel comfortable and at home.

Hydrant Queen Mary 2

  1. Other refits

The ship features four new exhaust washes and the corresponding exhaust filters. Furthermore, there is a new drinking water plant and all equipment and lines were maintained and overhauled. The entire ship has also received a new coat of paint. With more than 35,000 liters of paint, the Queen Mary 2 shines in new splendor.

Queen Mary 2 remastered


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