Florida Key West
Two great days in Key Largo and Key West
20. September 2015
Miam Strand Beach
Hotels in Miami Beach-How to choose the perfect hotel
3. October 2015

Bye Bye Keys- tornado-spectacle of nature

Miami Cruise

In the Morning we still anticipated nothing of the tornado which we would see later this day. Today we wanted to go to Miami and had to say goodbye to the Keys. Before we had to board the Celebrity Eclipse, we had to more days to spend in Miami and wanted to experience as much as possible. We planned exactly what we wanted to discover and we also wanted to relax in our Hotel. But first a very eventful journey from Key West to Miami still laid ahead of us.

Dangerous trip to Miami

In the morning a beaming blue sky and wonderful sunshine welcomed us. The perfect weather for a breakfast outside. We had breakfast at the pool of the Orchid Key Inn and enjoyed the atmosphere of the motel on the Keys with coffee and minicakes. After a fast check out we went off. We stopped once more at Smathers Beach and took a barefoot stroll in the sand. It was just so fantastically nice here. We left Key West with a heavy heart and headed to Miami. Ahead of us on the A1 a group of motorbikes drove along and thus we jetted in a sort of convoy along the Keys. Unfortunately, the sky turned dark. Suddenly all cars and motorcycles became slower. Some people stopped and looked to the right. Then we also saw it. A minitornado moved over the sea. Fascinated and inexperienced we also stopped and pulled out the camera. Many cars honked and waved, that everyone should continue to drive. Nevertheless, we were tied up by this spectacle of nature on the water. One could exactly see how the water was pulled up from the ocean into the tornado. Enormously strong forces whirled the water funnel-shaped upwards. Because it became rather dangerous and the tornado headed towards the shore, we got into the car and drove off.

Miami CruiseTornado 2

An unexpected change

In the rear-view mirror of our car we could observe that the tornado came closer on the shore and simply dissolved. The danger was banished. The sky opened up and the sun shined again. We were surprised how fast the weather changed. On the Keys the next protective rooms are pointed out with signs everywhere. After this experience we paid special attention to the rescue signs on the Keys. Everything is signposted very well. Next time we will follow these sign-postings instead of taking photos. Security takes action. Now we continued our trip to Miami in anticipation of our great hotels and all the things Miami offers. We had booked a beach hotel and a hotel in the cruise harbor. Both four-star hotels, because we wanted to experience a little bit of the glamour of Miami.

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