Die Küste und der Strand von Mallorca
Jade- Palma de Mallorca
6. August 2015
Pisa Kreuzfahrt Cruise
From Livorno to Lucca and Pisa by car
7. August 2015

Barcelona- the best way to get to the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Cruise Kreuzfahrt

Finally colorful architecture! Our first stop with the Jade was Barcelona! The city with the great and crazy buildings of Gaudi and of course, the unfinished Sagrada Família, the symbol of Barcelona. There we had to go! And of course on our own!

There were other large cruise ships in the port of Barcelona. A fantastic picture!

Zwei Kreuzfahrtschiffe im Hafen von Barcelona

To get to the Sagrada Família, we took the Metro

You can use excellent public transport in Barcelona. Directly in front of the terminal you could take a shuttle into town. To walk it was just too far. We took the shuttle bus to the beginning of the Ramblas. Once there, we walked across the large roundabout with the Colom monument (also known as Colon). This honors Christopher Columbus. First, we strolled briefly on the Ramblas in the center. The beautiful small stalls selling crafts and frills were simply too tempting. For our males that was too boring. They opted for a Spanish Cerveza.

After this strolling start we still wanted to see a bit of culture and made our way to the Sagrada Família. To get to the Sagrada Família, we took the Metro. We took the elevator directly from the Ramblas down to the underground station Drassanes (L3 green line, direction Canyelles). There you could buy tickets from a vending machine. To get the best rate, we bought a ticket for ten at the vending machine  and two single cards (T10, will cost 10, 25 €; single ticket € 2.25). That was for 6 people return only € 15.25. The ticket purchase was super easy. After 4 stops on  L3 we had to change to L5 (blue line, direction Horta) at the Diagonal station. After two stations you are at the Sagrada Família.

Schon waren wir da!

The Sagrada Família was still under construction and we really wanted to see the current status. Unfortunately, there was quite a long queue in front of the door and it was about 30 degrees. Parts of our group weakened. They decided at short notice to skip culture (the church is not finished yet anyway …) and for the Tapas Bar diagonally opposite. I was determined and queued. Here you should have time. There was a queue around two corners…

In between, I wondered if it was really a good idea to stay out here in the heat. But we endured.

Kreuzfahrtausflug in die Sagrada Familia

After an eternity, we bought tickets with  an audio guide  and went into the cool church of Gaudi. It is worth a visit. I was impressed by the colorful and extravagant pillars that uphold the ceiling like trees.

Sagrada Familia Innen DeckeDie Spanische Kirche Sagrada Familia Innen

To stroll leisurely through the church while listening to the audio guide and taking pictures took almost 2 hours. At the exit there was a souvenir shop where I bought my magnets and loitered until the others also wanted into the Tapas Bar. I gave up and left Gaudi’s masterpiece. The visit was really worth it. Arrived at the Tapas Bar we also strengthened ourselves with Spanish drinks (San Miguel, Bitter Kas, Kas Limon and café) and took the subway back to the ship. That trip was again very fast. A colorful and impressive day in Barcelona.

We will come back (read more about Barcelona on our other posts).

Back on Board we went to the Blue Lagoon Café (24 h, Deck 8) . I tried American Cheesecake!

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