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29. November 2016
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12. January 2017

Dinner at the Canaletto Aboard the Eurodam

View in the restaurant Canaletto aboard the Eurodam

At the end of the trip and the day at sea we tried the last specialty restaurant aboard the Eurodam. The Italian Canaletto on deck 9. The restaurant is a separate area in the buffet restaurant with covered tables. It is open from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm. You can enjoy the dinner for a small fee of 10 US dollar per person. The tables are built in two rows, one row is situated along the windows and offers a wonderful sea view. The interior decoration is colored in natural tones and very beautiful.

Sharing in the Canaletto


The Canaletto is designed to share the food together at the table. It is recommended to order for two small starters, a pasta dish and a main dish for every two people at the table. You have to understand that all dishes are basically suitable for sharing with the others at the table. The main course, for example, came on a plate and everyone could take the food from this plate. A really nice experience, as everyone has the opportunity to try the dishes and you will have fun sharing the food. We really enjoyed this dinner and laughed a lot. Right at the beginning we ate some Ciabatta bread with olive oil and balsamico vinegar. After that we had mussels and a plate with Italian ham and sausage specialties as a starter.



Then we had rigatoni with sausages, calamata olives and tomato sauce as pasta and as main course Saltimbocca. For dessert, we tried the tiramisu and limoncello cream. The limoncello cream for dessert was served in two glasses so each one of us had a glass to try the dessert. The food was very tasty and the view of the sea at sunset during dinner was fantastic. The only downside was that the Canaletto is integrated in the buffet restaurant. There are glass plates for separation, but the there was a lot of noise which bothered us a bit.





Our conclusion: The Canaletto is a great place for a romantic dinner with Italian food. The price / performance ratio is really good, as you can enjoy a good Italian meal with a nice view of the sea for only 10 US dollars. The principle of sharing the dishes is also a great experience to enjoy with friends or family. However, if you want a quiet and undisturbed atmosphere, we would recommend you one of the other two specialty restaurants, for example the Tamarind or the Pinnacle Grill. We enjoyed the last evening very much and unfortunately had to pack our luggage for departure.

The last night at the B.B. King Blues Club

To finish the evening after the meal in the Canaletto, we went to the B.B. King Blues Club on deck two around 10 pm. Here the B.B. King’s All Stars and the blues from Memphis rocked the guests. We loved this place. The atmosphere was lively and everyone enjoyed the dance floor. The perfect end to a beautiful trip.

Now we were looking forward to our very own jewel of Spain: Barcelona. We planned to explore the district of La Ribiera and the port of Barcelona.

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