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A Cruise Aboard the Queen Mary 2

A cruise with the Queen Mary 2 – this is a dream for many. Why? Because it is a classic experience. The Queen Mary was already used in the 30’s as a transatlantic cruise ship. At that time it was the largest cruise ship in the world. In the 60’s cruises were unprofitable and the Queen Mary was decommissioned in 1967. However, in 2004 the new Queen Mary 2 entered service as a transatlantic liner between Southampton and New York with an exclusive and luxurious charm. We wanted to try out how a cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2 feels like and whether this cruise meets our expectations of luxury and tradition. That is why we went on a 13-day Norwegian Fjords cruise with the Queen Mary 2.

The cruise ship: What can I expect?

The Queen Mary 2 travels around the world’s oceans since January 2004. This year, the cruise ship was renovated. The Queen Mary 2 was in dry dock at Blohm + Voss in Hamburg for three weeks. Next we will write a blog article about the new innovations aboard inlcuding many photos of the interiors. The ship has 14 decks (one is 3L – a deck as an intermediate floor) and is 345 meters long. It has a capacity of 2,691 passengers and 1,292 crew members. Although the total number of passengers appears quite large, it almost never gets crowded. Only sometimes in the buffet restaurant at lunch time. However, there are many alternatives to take a snack.

There are four different cabin categories: Britannia (inside, outside and balcony cabins), Britannia Club, Princess Grill and Queens Grill. The Princess and Queens Grill cabins are suites. Each stateroom has its own restaurant area for dinner. One can either eat dinner at the designated restaurant, at the Kings Court buffet restaurant, in the themed Kings Court areas for an extra charge or in the cover charge specialty restaurant The Verandah ($ 50 cover charge per person).

On board there are many ways to spend a relaxing and an enjoyable day. There is, for example, a planetarium, a theater, a library, the Canyon Ranch Spa, fencing and much more.

The Cabin: Britannia Sheltered Balcony Cabin

We opted for a balcony cabin with a sheltered balcony (stateroom 5055). What does that mean? This balcony is enclosed with a steel railing. Only a large hole the size of a panoramic window is open. Thereby you still get some fresh air and have a wonderful view while standing. A clear advantage on the Norway cruise was that you can stand on the balcony, despite the cold wind and could enjoy the view. The metal shell protects against the strong wind.

Balkonkabine mit Loggia Queen Mary 2

When the sun shines, you can even sunbathe on the sun loungers in the protection of metal shell. Moreover, it is still better than an outside cabin for us, because the stateroom is very big and you can take pictures at any time without going on the outside deck. The only drawback is that you can only see the sky while sitting in the sun lounger.

Balcony with loggia aboard the Queen Mary 2

View Queen Mary 2

Breakfast on the balcony is of course without sea view not quite as nice as with sea view, but this drawback can be endured because of the lower price. A cabin with a sheltered balcony often costs about 1,000 euros less than a normal balcony cabin. But there are also deals where the difference is only 100 euros or less. It is therefore advisable to search for some cruise deals.

You will be welcomed in the Britannia cabins with a small bottle of sparkling wine. This is very nice because you can celebrate the beginning of the cruise.

Welcome aboard Sekt Queen Mary 2

Sparkling wine aboard the Queen Mary 2

The cabin is well equipped and elegantly decorated. The bed is very large and has two big and two small pillows. There is a minibar (not included) with always two glasses inside to keep them cooled. For about $ 20 you can buy 6 large bottles of water (with 1.5 liters) for drinking in the cabin. Next to the bed there is a sofa with a height-adjustable table. There is also a flat-screen TV opposite the bed with German channels. But that very special highlight was the kettle supported by tea bags and instant coffee and two small packets of biscuits. The hair dryer is in the drawer under the kettle.

Queen Mary 2 stateroom

Bett Queen Mary 2

As always, there are also slippers, bathrobes, a safe and plenty of hangers, which can however only be used in the holding device in the closet. There is also an individually adjustable air conditioning, which works very well. You can raise the temperature within a short period of time.

Badezimmer Queen Mary 2

The bathroom has a large shower with a curtain and a threshold to prevent water from flooding the bathroom. Shampoo, conditioner and body lotion are available in small plastic bottles. Next to the sink is enough storage space and there is a metal rack where you can also find a round container with many cotton balls and cotton swabs. Under the sink you can use the cupboard and inside are also disposal bags and a tissue box. Another tissue box is located in a built-in dispenser next to the toilet. The toilet paper is better than on some other cruise ships. The sink is a little bit small. Overall, the bathroom is well equipped.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cabin

We have summarized our impressions of the cabin and listed the advantages and disadvantages for you:


  • Complimentary 24-hour room service and breakfast service (breakfast in bed)
  • Large balcony with two comfortable sun loungers
  • Big and comfortable bed with many pillows
  • Kettle with tea bags, instant coffee and biscuits in the room
  • The small table in front of the bed is adjustable in height
  • Plenty of storage space in the closet
  • Large shower with a curtain and no overflow
  • Many cotton pads and cotton buds in the bathroom
  • Tissues in the bathroom in a built-in dispenser and another box under the sink


  • All outlets are in the room over the desk, 4 of which are US-outlets (110 volt, 2 pin socket) and 4 British outlets (220 volt, 3 pin socket)
  • Two more outlets are hidden under the lamp in the bathroom
  • Little light in the shower when shower curtain is closed
  • Small table on the balcony
  • The air conditioning does not turn off when the balcony door is open
  • No central circuit for the light in the room

You can enjoy a 13-day trip in this well-equipped cabin and especially for Norway we encourage you to book a sheltered balcony cabin. Soon you can read our review on the renovation of the Queen Mary 2. There will be lots of photos of the interiors, so stay tuned!


  1. Karen says:

    Hi Juliet,

    We are just about to book cabin 5055, could you help me understand how you can ‘get outside air’ from the balcony? It looks like it’s completely sealed by the metal wall/ceilings, and almost equivalent to a larger ocean view room. Do you actually get or feel wind from outside when standing on the balcony?


    • Juliet says:

      Hi Karen,
      It’s not completely sealed and it is no glass window. It is basically a metal frame and you get enough wind through the open space. We liked this kind of balcony, because it’s not too windy and you still get fresh air.
      Best regards,

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