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5 most beautiful Cruise Ports in the Eastern Mediterranean

View of Santorini Island

A Mediterranean cruise is the ideal way to explore the beautiful ports and cities of Europe.Especially the Eastern Mediterranean offers splendid coasts and many cruise ports. Here are our 5 most beautiful cities in the Eastern Mediterranean, which you should not miss on your cruise!

  1. Venice

Saint Mark's Square in Venice

view of Venice upon arrival

The lagoon city Venice enchants with a romantic setting. When you arrive, you will see small alleys and countless channels. The houses are built on wooden stilts to protect people from a water rise. Nearly 400 bridges connect the streets of Venice. Residents and tourists use the water buses and gondolas to make their way through the city. Despite the crowds, the city has a very special flair. You should also spend a few days on land. It is absolutely essential in order to explore the many corners of the city center and the surrounding islands of the city (Murano, Lido).

  1. Kotor

The old town of Kotor

The bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic coast offers an overwhelming harbor entrance, surrounded by steep mountains and small settlements of houses. You arrive at the port in the immediate vicinity of the medieval center, which is surrounded by an impressive city wall. From aboard the cruise ship you can see two beautiful churches in the Old Town. In the background is a looped path that leads up a few kilometers to the San Giovanni fortress. An exhausting but very rewarding hike to enjoy the view over the Bay of Kotor.

  1. Dubrovnik

Die Sadtmauer von Dubrovnik in Kroatien

Dubrovnik AltstadtAzure blue water and a centuries-old city wall surround the beautiful city of Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast. The imposing city wall is about 20 meters high in some places and a walk along this wall offers a view of the open sea. Within the city walls you will see the orange roofscape and the paved pedestrian Old Town. You can enter the old town by walking over a drawbridge and through a large gate. This gate clearly suggests that Dubrovnik is one of the best preserved medieval cities. Even the British poet Lord Byron called this baroque city “the pearl of the Adriatic”.

  1. Istanbul

Sonnenaufgang in Istanbul Mosque in Istanbul

The silhouette of Istanbul is covered by many mosques that stand out with domes and minarets between the houses. At sunset the view from the sea to the city is overwhelming. Istanbul was already capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire and therefore offers a variety of culture and sights. The city is divided up into a European and an Asian part. On the European side, the historical district, there are many interesting mosques and the Topkapi Palace. The Asian side is rather used as a residential and commercial area. Above all, the visit of the European district is very interesting.

  1. Santorini

sea view on Santorini

 churches in Santorini

The wonderful island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea suggests at first sight that there is snow on the mountains. But when one comes closer to the island, you can see that the many white spots are in reality houses on the cliffs. The white houses follow along the island, only the churches are decorated with a blue dome and the two-storey bells. The crater walls are up to 300 meters high. The island got its shape through several volcanic eruptions. Cruise ships arrive at the foot of the city Fira. You can let yourself be carried up on either a donkey or use the cable car. The village of Oia at the other end of the island is particularly popular and offers the picturesque sight of postcards.

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  1. Das sind wirklich ausgesucht tolle Ziele im östlichen Mittelmeer. Bei mir geht es Mitte Oktober an Bord der VISION OF THE SEAS in diese Region… ich kann es kaum erwarten! 🙂

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