The Ultimate Cruise Packing List

Dinge für die Kreuzfahrt zum einpacken

What items should you take with you on a cruise? What things do you wish to have brought while enjoying the journey on a cruise ship?
We tell you our 15 must-haves of our ultimate cruise packing list!

15 Highlights of our cruise packing list :

  1. hand sanitizer
  2. toothpaste
  3. small umbrella
  4. sunscreen (strong solar radiation at sea)
  5. suit / dress (for the gala evening on board)
  6. twice the number of socks (after long day trips)
  7. selfie stick
  8. big scarf (sun / coldness / churches)
  9. small pair of binoculars (Theatre / Sea View)
  10. sunglasses (protection against sun at sea)
  11. Pensioners / disabled / student ID (discounts on admissions)
  12. bottle opener / corkscrew (for drinks ashore)
  13. handkerchiefs
  14. cooling foot spray (after long trips)
  15. extra memory card for cameras

What you don’t have to bring on board:

  1. hairdryer
  2. towels
  3. shower gel
  4. shampoo
  5. pen

What you are not allowed to bring on board:

  1. Iron
  2. alcoholic drinks
  3. weapons / pocket knife
  4. multiple socket-outlet
  5. kettle and coffee maker

If  you want more advice feel free to download here our ENTIRE cruise packing list to print and check off: The ultimate cruise packing list!


  1. Super Artikel. Nach meiner ersten Kreuzfahrt im März rund um Dubai habe ich mir eine Sache gemerkt, welche ich definitiv nun immer mitnehmen würde.
    Auf dem Deck ist es oft windig und die Handtücher sind überall rumgeflogen. Bis auf bei den erfahrenen Kreuzfahrtlern, die hatten Wäscheklammern 😉

  2. I would say that alcohol is allowed, as many cruise lines allow a 2 free bottles of wine or champagne per person in cabin (if over the drinking age, be it 18 or 21). Also many allow extension cords, just that some (like Carnival) supposedly don’t allow surge protected power strips. We have always taken a multiple USB if not a power strip and always been able to take one onboard. And those in-cabin hairdryers are dire…so weak 😉

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