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Die neue Mein Schiff 2: Erster Eindruck und Schiffstaufe

Die neue Mein Schiff 2 von TUI Cruises wurde am 9. Februar in Lissabon getauft und wir waren zur Taufe an Bord, um erste Eindrücke zu sammeln.  Für uns war die Taufe der Mein Schiff 2 auch die erste Schiffstaufe, bei der wir dabei waren, sodass wir uns natürlich besonders auf dieses Event in Lissabon gefreut haben. Passenderweise ist Lissabon die Stadt der Entdecker.

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Discover Fuerteventura Aboard the Mein Schiff 2

The last port on our cruise aboard the Mein Schiff 2 was Puerto del Rosario on Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura is the second largest island of the Canaries and of volcanic origin. The island is also called Fuerte and is not without reason a popular destination.When I think of Fuerteventura, I think of desert-like landscapes, sandy beaches and volcanic rocks. I was especially looking forward to this stop since I have never been on Fuerteventura, but many times to the canary islands.
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Discover Santa Cruz de La Palma On Your Own

Cruise Sisters exploring the Avenida Maritima La Palma

La Palma is a small island in the northwest of the Canary Islands and is also known as La Isla Bonita. It is supposed to be the most beautiful island of the Canaries, so I was especially looking forward to this stop. Read More

Mein Schiff 2: Junior Suite with X-Lounge access

Champagne Pommery on Mein Schiff 2 X-Lounge

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Was die Mein Schiff 2 alles bietet, habe ich bereits im ersten Blogbeitrag erwähnt. Nun möchte ich zwei Fragen beantworten, die ich mir bereits vor der Reise gestellt habe: Worin unterscheidet sich die Mein Schiff 2 von der Mein Schiff 4 wohl und lohnt sich ein X-Lounge Zugang bei einem Premium Alles Inklusive-Konzept? Dafür ging es an Bord der Mein Schiff 2 auf die Kanarentour. Read More

Mein Schiff 2: Kiez meets Comedy

Mein Schiff Kreuzfahrtschiff

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Endlich dem Winter entkommen, die Sonne genießen und entspannen. Das waren die Kriterien bei der Wahl unserer nächsten Reise. Und kein allzu langer Flug sollte es sein. Bei dieser Auswahl landet man im Winter in Europa schnell auf den Kanaren. Das Ziel stand damit schon mal fest. Read More

La Gomera – Small Island Tour

Naturlandschaft von La Gomera

La Gomera was our last port on our cruise with the Mein Schiff 4 before our return to Gran Canaria. La Gomera is a wonderful green island of the Canary Islands. We were curious to see what La Gomera has to offer and decided to go on two different island excursions of TUI Cruises: The big island tour and the small island tour. Read More

Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna

Landschaft auf Teneriffa

Today we explored Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna. It was the first Christmas Day and we were in Tenerife. Tenerife greeted us with overcast skies and the prospect of rain. Nevertheless, one could see the mountain chain that covered the island.  Read More

Wie wird Weihnachten auf der Mein Schiff 4 gefeiert?

Weihnachtsdeko im Restaurant Atlantik auf der Mein Schiff 4

Das erste Mal auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff über die Weihnachtstage und das erste Mal auf der Mein Schiff 4 – wir blickten diesem Ereignis mit gemischten Gefühlen entgegen. Mit etwas Unsicherheit und gleichzeitig voller Freude und Aufregung! Wie fühlen sich die Weihnachtstage mit so vielen Menschen auf einem Schiff an? Wird das Schiff weihnachtlich geschmückt? Gibt es Glühwein? Gibt es eine Weihnachtsgala?  Read More

Discover Lanzarote on Your Own

La Geria Weinanbau auf Lanzerote

Christmas Eve in Lanzarote – a beautiful island, its crater and volcanic landscapes can indeed seem dull, but charming with a color range of black and ocher to bright red. Beaches, vineyards, caves and mountains of fire – this is all Lanzarote and we wanted to explore this multi-faceted island on our own with a rental car. If you want to find out about the shore excursions of TUI Cruises, you can take a look at this page (PDF available under “Canaries with Morocco, Mein Schiff 4”). Read More

Breakfast, Captains Talk and Chocolate Buffet

Schokoladenbuffet auf dem Kreuzfahrtschiff Mein Schiff 4

On the fourth day of our cruise with Mein Schiff 4 we were all day at sea. Only in the evening we reached the beautiful island of Lanzarote. It was a day before Christmas Eve. We were never on board a ship at Christmas before and were very excited to see how the Christmas days would feel like when being on a ship. But first we experienced a relaxing day aboard Mein Schiff 4 with a full program including a question time with the captain. Read More

Agadir Part II – An exciting Jeep Tour

Jeeps in der Wüste von Agadir in Marokko

As already announced in our article about Agadir, each one of us went on a different tour. Janice went on a panoramic tour and I went on a jeep tour to Massa by TUI Cruises. It was the third day of our cruise with Mein Schiff 4 and I had many exciting experiences. Read More

Panoramic tour in Agadir

Kamel in Agadir auf dem Landausflug mit dem Mein Schiff 4

Finally we arrived at our first port! Our first port was Agadir in Morocco. We saw the huge containers and a brown landscape behind the small white houses and the industrial area. Yet nothing could be seen from the magic of the arabic desert. The landscape looked a little disappointing, but we were curious to discover the town. Read More

TOP 10 Activities on Seadays aboard Mein Schiff 4

Kaffee auf der Balkonkabine der Mein Schiff 4

On our first day at sea we wanted to explore the ship. We had a good Nespresso coffee and were curious to see what the Mein Schiff 4 has to offer. We had great weather (up to 25 degrees) and were full of anticipation. What is there to do on a long day at sea? Here are our top 10 activities (all workshops, movies and readings in German!) on seadays on the Mein Schiff 4:

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My sun, my sea, (my ship) Mein Schiff 4 ?

Der Schornstein vom dem Kreuzfahrtschiff Mein Schiff 4

Our first cruise with TUI Cruises and the Mein Schiff 4 (translated to “my ship 4”)! We were more than excited. Would we like it? How is it on an all-inclusive ship and what is different? Is it a feel-good ship? Do the others like it? – After all, we were a large group of 9 people. Will this ship be “our” ship? We were very excited. Read More