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What to Do on a Sea Day Aboard the Eurodam?

Seaday aboard the Eurodam

On the last sea day we were already on the way back to Barcelona. There were a lot of activities in the daily program. We were looking forward to an exciting day at sea. A bright blue sky and sunshine made the day start perfectly. These six points were on our agenda on board Eurodam:
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Asian Elements in the Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

The Tamarind Restaurant aboard the Eurodam

After a wonderful day in Cádiz, we were looking forward to our dinner at the Tamarind restaurant aboard the Eurodam. The Tamarind restaurant is located on deck 11 aboard the Eurodam and offers an incredibly beautiful view of the ocean. It is one of the restaurants with an extra charge and lured us with culinary delights from Southeast Asia, China and Japan. Read More

A Quick Guide to Discover Cádiz on Your Own

Cádiz was the last jewel on our cruise with the Eurodam. This city is a wonderful place for cruise fans. When we enjoyed the view from our balcony at sunrise, we saw the roofs of the old town glittering in the morning sun. There was also the Sea Cloud right in front of us to join the Sea Cloud II in port. This was a rare and beautiful sight. When looking towards the port, we saw more interesting cruise ships in the dock Navantia. We were excited to discover one of the oldest cities of Western Europe.

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Little Guide for the Afternoon aboard the Eurodam

After a beautiful morning in Gibraltar, we spent the first afternoon at sea and wanted to explore the cruise ship. Under a bright blue sky, the Eurodam made its way to Cadiz and we were curious to find out what is offered on board. What did we do and what was offered in the daily program? Read More

Gibraltar: History and the Famous Wild Monkeys

WIld monkeys in Gibraltar and view of the Eurodam

Today we were finally in Gibraltar, the fourth gem of our trip to the Eurodam. We were excited to discover the British overseas territory located in Andalusia. We wanted to visit one of the most famous rocks in the world, the Monkey Rock (Apes’ Den) with the Barbary apes as well as the Europa point to and the tunnels and caves in the limestone cliffs. We had a lot to discover. Read More

Relaxing at the Greenhouse Spa aboard the Eurodam

Wärmeliegen im Spabereich auf der Eurodam

After spending the day in Málaga, we wanted to relax in the Greenhouse Spa on the Eurodam. Today was the perfect day for it. Since the Eurodam anchored in the harbor of Málaga until 11 pm, we had the chance to use our voucher from our ONBOARD voucher booklet for 1 hour free stay at the thermal area. Read More

Málaga: Wonderful Old Town and Gibralfaro Castle

Aussichtspunkt auf der Burg Gibralfaro in Malaga

Málaga is the birth place of Pablo Picasso and is situated at the Andalusian coast. It was the third jewel on our cruise with the Eurodam. From here you can go on a trip to Seville but you can also explore the town on your own. In Málaga you can explore a beautiful beach, a picturesque old town and a Moorish castle.  Read More

Luxurious Dining at the Pinnacle Grill

Ocean view at the Pinnacle Grill

Today we wanted to try one of the charge-restaurants on the Eurodam and taste the difference. The Pinnacle Grill is a fine restaurant with innovative menus. It is the right place for a romantic dinner in an intimate atmosphere with the exclusive cuisine of America’s Pacific Northwest. Read More

Cartagena: Discovering a City full of Treasures

Ausgrabungsstätte in Cartagena

Today we reached Cartagena, the second jewel of our cruise with the Eurodam. Cartagena is located on the southeast coast of Spain. With its ancient archaeological sites, museums and the big defensive port, the city is full of treasures. Read More

Valencia: The biggest Aquarium in Europe

Oceanografic Aquarium in Valencia

Today we visited the first gem of our trip: Valencia. Valencia is located in eastern Spain and has a distance of 350 kilometers to Barcelona. Valencia ist he third largest city of Spain. The MS Eurodam was in port from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Since we have already been in this beautiful city, we planned to visit the aquarium this time. The Aquarium of Valencia is Europe’s largest aquarium. Read More