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Civitavecchia: departure

Die Navigator of the Seas in Athen am hafen

Today our wonderful cruise ended. We arrived in the morning in Civitavecchia and were taken to the airport by a shuttle bus from Royal Caribbean. Goodbye Navigator of the Seas ! To awaken your spirit of adventure: We were in Rome with a booked land excursion, only with transfer and also by train on our own! Find out how it was in our other blog posts!

Messina or exploring the Navigator of the Seas

Wochenschild im Aufzug von Kreuzfahrtschiff Navigator of the Seas

Today the Navigator of the Seas stopped  in Messina. It was Monday. So that no one forgets, one could read it on the floor in front of the elevator.

However, since we have been here several times already, it was raining and I was still tired from the journey, we decided to have a Boat Day that day and the following one. Nevertheless, a few tips for visiting Messina.

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Our first cruise with Royal Caribbean

Balkon des Kreuzfahrtschiffes Navigator of the Seas Balkonkabiene

Our first trip with Royal Caribbean. Finally it was time! We had long been looking forward to the American ship and what it would be like: The Navigator of the Seas. But this trip was to be a new experience, not only because of the ship. It was to be my first cruise with crutches and thus it would be a somewhat limited travel. That’s what I thought, at least prior to departure. But it was all wonderful!

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