About Us

What Cruise Sisters is all about:

We, the Cruise Sisters, are two sisters from Germany who want to discover the world on cruise ships. Since our first cruise we knew that cruising is the best way to explore a country and see as much as you can in a short period of time. Unfortunately not many informations on cruising from young people exist and most of the young people are scared to go on a cruise.  That is very sad because every cruise is an unforgettable experience!

So we told all our friends and family members about our fun experiences while cruising and eventually they booked their first cruise! They were totally excited after coming back from their cruise and we then knew: we should start writing a cruise blog! We want to share our great experiences, arouse your curiosity and inspire you!

Who are the Cruise Sisters?

As already mentioned, we are two sisters and love to cruise. BUT there is much more to tell! So here you have some details about us:


Juliet Cruise-Sisters

  • 24 years old
  • family person
  • sweet tooth
  • everywhere at home
  • marketing manager in an international company
  • Master of Arts in Economics and Society in Asia
  • speak English, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and a bit Spanish
  • addicted to cruises!


Janice Cruise-Sisters

  • 37 years old
  • In love with Berlin
  • avid traveller
  • enthusiastic cook
  • holiday organizer for the whole family
  • fully-qualified lawyer in civil service
  • trainee in Spain
  • speak English, Spanish and Swedish
  • relax most while cruising!

We want to try every cruise line, visit all destinations and explore all routes. We will share tons of pictures and unforgettable impressions with you! We would be happy if you let us know what you like to read, what kind of tips and informations you need for your next cruise and where we should go next! Simply leave a message or use the contact form. You can also visit us on Facebook or Instagram!


Your Cruise Sisters